Summary: Giving God full supreme authority and power in all of your life.

How Majestic Is Your God?

Psalm 8


For the next couple of months we will be taking a special journey. We will be traveling through the book of Psalms. Each week, with the exception of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we will engulf ourselves in the words of the psalmist.

Psalms is a book of songs, a book of poems, a book of prayers. A book that touches the very heart of anyone who loves our Lord! Within it’s pages we find the longest “chapter” Ps 119 and the shortest Ps 117. Many of the songs we sing, like the first chorus we sang this morning, are based on if not direct quotes of the psalms.

In my office, I have collected in two binders choruses and praise songs. I wanted to know how many of them were “from the psalms.” After doing a quick survey, I found 25.

Every emotion we experience is brought out in the psalms! Joy, peace, Love, anger, revenge, hope, etc.

So where do we start? How do you choose the first psalm from 150 psalms? I will be honest, since I was the one to make that choice, I just picked the one I was reading the day I decided to preach through the psalms. As a matter of fact it is the richness of the psalm we are going to look at this morning that convinced me that we need to spend some time in King David’s Songbook.

Turn with me to Psalm 8. (it is found on page 535 in the pew bible and page 848 if you happen to have one of the blue Large Print Pew Bibles)

As I read this Psalm, let the words reach your soul.

READ Psalm 8

Doesn’t that just get you? It does me!

There is another reason I want to start here with this psalm, Because of the first verse “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

David is proclaiming the majesty of God’s name!

Majesty, have you considered what that word means?

Majesty means (according to the American Heritage Dictionary) supreme authority and power!

“O Lord, our Lord, how full of supreme authority and power is your name in all the earth?

So I ask you this morning How Majestic is Your God? How Majestic is God to you … in your life today?

Have you given Him full supreme authority and power in all of your life?

To help us answer that question, let’s consider 3 areas that Kind David touches on, as he proclaims the Majestic Name of God:

1. Have you considered His Majesty? (Read vs. 1-2)

A. He is Lord

Because we live in the United States, we don’t fully appreciate what it means to “have a Lord” over us. WE kind of look to has a Father, a friend, someone who looks after us and takes care of us when we need it, but when it comes right down to it, we still get to make the final decision. But what is “a Lord”

He has the power over life and death

He is responsible for everything under his domain

He is the final decision maker.

What he says goes

He gets to make all the rules

B. He is OUR Lord

He has the power over our life

He is responsible for us

He gets to make the final decisions in our life

He says what goes for us

He sets the rules and we follow them

But we are considering his Majesty “His supreme authority and power”

And he has not left us to look blindly around… trying to find it where He may have hidden it…..

C. His Glory is EVERYWHERE

“O Lord, Our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth…”

In other words, How your supreme authority and power of your name is in all the earth!

Think about that for just a moment!

His authority does not end with His people.

His power has not just effected those who call Him Lord


So I ask you…

D. Does he have supreme authority and power over you?

David goes on to write about How His Glory, the majesty of His name is seen it this world so with that in mind I ask you….

2. Have you considered His Creation?

A. He created the heavens

B. He created Everything

C. He created YOU

D. Does he have supreme authority and power over his creation? YOU?

3. Have you considered His Gifts?

A. Gift of exalted status

B. Gift of glory and honor

C. Gift of authority

D. Does he have supreme authority and power over his gifts?


All that we are, all that we see, all that He is, screams out to us! Telling us Our God is an awesome God! When all things are considered, His Majesty, His Creation and His Gifts… we can see His Love for us. So I ask you again, How Majestic is Your God. How much authority and power does he have over your life?

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