Summary: Part 1 - What is Love Series for Teens. Looks at 166 Greek and Hebrew words for love and what they mean as well as thir usage in the scriptures to better understand the limitations of our english language and understanding of what love truly means.

SERIES: What is Love?

Part 1 - How Many Words for Love?

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

First Baptist Church

Tawas City Michigan USA

• Make a list of a few things you love.

Greek & Hebrew words for LOVE

1. âhab – to have affection. Amos 5:15

2. ahăbâh – affection. Jeremiah 31:3

3. dôwd – beloved, friend, uncle, relative. Proverbs 7:18

4. châshaq – to love or delight in, join or deliver. Psalm 91:14

5. egeb – to display love, words of love. Jeremiah 4:30

6. ăgâbâh – Love. Ezekiel 23:11

7. râcham – to be compassionate, to hold on to. Psalm 18:1

8. agapaō – to love, in a social & moral sense. John 15:17

9. agapē – love-fest, dear love. Revelation 2:4

10. thělō – to will, desire, choose or prefer something. Mark 12:38

11. philadělphia – fraternal (brotherly) love. 1 Peter 3:8

12. philandrŏs – affectionate as a wife to her husband. Titus 2:4

13. philanthrōpia – to be kind, charitable, fond of mankind. Titus 3:4

14. Philarguria – greedy love of possessions or money. 1 Timothy 6:10

15. philěō – to be a friend. Revelation 3:19

16. philŏtěknŏs – to love ones children. Titus 2:4

• Looking at the chart, try to match up the REAL meaning for the word love YOU used in your list for each item.

Question –

How do you know if the word is Greek or Hebrew?

Do you think that having just one word for love in our society can cause confusion?

How about confusion with our feelings if we only think of love as a single word and meaning like our culture teaches us?

Do you think you have ever confused one type of love for another? Explain.

How about confusion in understanding God’s love for us?

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