Summary: This sermon is talking about love and answering the question How much do we love God?

What if I was to ask you this question: How much do you really love God? Many people viewing this sermon may say what kind of question is that? I love God a whole lot. My response to that would be this do you really love God a whole lot?

Let's look at how much God loves you and I:

1. God created you and I to worship him, however he also gave us a land called earth to enjoy while we are here.

2. God even created plants for us to enjoy looking at and to eat. The plants that God has created for us also provide shelter for us at time, and shade for us in the summer time.

3. Most importantly God showed us his love for us by sending his one and only son Jesus to die for our sins.

God did these three things above plus more, but think about this we would not be able to survive here on earth if God did not provide the things mentioned above.

Now, that we have noticed how much God loves us, let me ask you again how much do you love God?

1. How much time do you spend a day talking with God through prayer?

2. How many times do you thank God for the blessings that he has blessed you with?

3. When was the last time you spent time trying to strengthen your relationship with God?

4. When was the last time you told someone about God and his love for you?

You see ladies and gentlemen if you love God a whole lot your answer to all of these questions should be today.

1. We should strive to pray to God at least once a day if not more.

2. We should always find a spot or time in our prayers with God just to say thank you.

3. We should want to grow our relationship with God everyday, just like we should try to grow our relationship with our wife or husband daily!

4. We should be able to tell someone everyday about the God we serve, through phone calls, emails, internet, or just simply face to face communications.

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