Summary: A look at how some value Jesus in the church today. Are discount shoppers, pretenders, or genuine believers.

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How Much Do You Value Jesus?

Mark 14:1-9

Suppose someone was purchasing some of the most expensive perfume or cologne on a weekly basis. You find out that it is for their toddler, or their pet dog, or a pig. You would probably react much like Judas and the Pharisees.

I. Discount Religion - Judas

Look for a church that will allow them to be members with no real expectations. Tithe what you want, serve when you want, attend when you feel like it, and believe what you want. A church with sermons that tickle the ears, songs that create warm fuzzies, and a church with multiple choice commandments.

A. Judas - What’s in it for me?

1. Walk with Jesus for His benefit.

2. Was a thief.

3. Saw gist as a waste.

B. Wal-Mart “Christian” What’s in it for you?

1. $ Cost vs. Benefit - More for my


2. Time Commitment vs. Benefit - More

benefit with less time.

3. Faith convenience vs. Faith

inconvenience - What can I

believe/not believe.

II. Imitation Religion - Pharisees

They have the appearance of being Godly, Spiritual, Religious, but they lack genuine faith. They devote time and resources to noble causes, but it isn’t for God, it is for themselves.

A. Pharisees - Look at me!

1. They were holier than “thous”

2. Tried to justify reaction with

ideas of compassion.

3. Were looking out for there own


B. Pharisetical “Christian” - Look at me!

1. Judgmental - Focus on the faults

of others while ignoring their own.

2. Treat religion like Show & Tell,

Trump card, Attention getter, etc.

3. Generous as long as it gets them


III. Genuine Religion - Woman

They look for a church who they can give there very best to. A church that will teach the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. A church that will allow them and expect them to use their God-given gifts to serve God. A church that doesn’t just want them, but expects them to be there. A church that is God’s ideal and looking to lead each other into being the same.

A. The Woman - All that I am, will be; have,

will have.

1. Didn’t bring cheap stuff.

2. Didn’t care what others thought.

3. Desired to anoint Jesus as an


B. How about you and I?

1. Do we cheapen our faith - Do we

short change God?

2. Are we bound by what others think?

3. Do we desire to enter into genuine

worship of the Father & His

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