Summary: Find out the 3 BIG SEEDS that are affecting our children the most and could turn children into fools later.

How many of us want to raise a foolish child? How many think their already raising a fool?

No one is born a fool; fools are self-made! Usually with a little help from the people in there lives.

The Bible says, “Foolishness is bound up in a child’s heart.”

If parents aren’t careful, there are seeds of foolishness that get planted in them at the earliest age and the seeds get watered day in and day out and soon or later foolishness will sprout!

The Big Three Seeds Planted in The Average Child:

· The seed of demonic evolution. That says, “If I come from scum, why not act like scum. If there’s no value to life why not take a life!”

· The seed of dirty entertainment.

· The seed of defective ethics.

Situation ethics are taught everywhere!

LifePoint: When the Bible talks about a fool it is not talking about a person who is mentally deficient but morally defective.

The Formula For The Fool

It starts with…

1. The Ignorance of The Fool.

a. He loves simplicity. Vs. 22a

He’s easy going, no responsibility, no problems, never really thinks a serious thought. Never considers the weightier things of life.

A Greek philosopher named Demostraphe could not speak very well, so he would put small marbles in his mouth and argue the ocean, rebuke the wind and waves. This is how he overcame his speech problem. He soon learned how to articulate wonderfully. Then he began to speak to large about the vital issue of life like…death, eternity and the judgment.

But he would notice that the crowds were not really listening to his serious topics, so one day he said to the crowd, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to tell you a story.”

Once there was a man that was carrying a large pile of wood on his back and he had to cross over a huge mountain range. Another man came along side of him and said, “Why don’t you let this donkey I have carry that load of yours and I’ll rent it to you very cheap. The man said, “O.K. “I’ll do that.” So they worked out a price and away the man when with the donkey carrying all the wood.

Later in the day the sun was very hot and the man stopped to get some rest in the shade that was made by the big donkey.

Then the man who rented the donkey came along and pushed the man out of the shade and said, “sorry but there’s no room for two of us under this shade.” The man who rented the donkey said, “I’m not moving over, I paid to rent this donkey and I don’t have to move.” The owner of the donkey said, “This shade is mine because I own this donkey, so the shade legally belongs to me.”

“Oh no it doesn’t, it’s my shade because I have the rental agreement that says I have it for 3 days.” Then the owner said, “I didn’t say anything about the shade, therefore both the shade and the donkey belongs to me.”

So a great argument took place for some time between the two men over who had the rights to the shade. Then Demostraphe walked off the stage without finishing this incredible story. The crowd goes nuts and starts shouting, “We want to ending of that story” the shouts got loader and loader. Finally he comes back on stage and says to the crowd, “Earlier I was talking about the most important issue of life concerning eternal life and judgment and all of you could care less and tuned me out completely. And now all of you are in suspense over who owned the shade of the donkey.”

Folks, that’s a simple person! Try to take about the more important issues of life and there’s no interest, but put that child in front of T.V. and he’ll watch it until his eyes are the size of coconuts and his brain is the size of a peanut!

b. He lacks understanding.

Proverbs 9:4 “Whoever is simple let him turn in here…”

The child that has a high I.Q. but still lacks understanding... is in trouble! This goes for spiritual matters especially!

c. He is led easily.

Proverbs 14:15 “The simple believes every word…”

“Simple” = Hebrew for open and gullible.

Remember the seeds of foolishness…Demonic evolution, dirty entertainment and defective ethics? These areas of a child’s life are open for the worst kind of philosophies and worldview.

Children don’t always know when they are being led in the wrong direction that why they need sound parenting and a solid pathway. Otherwise they are sitting ducks in for Madison Ave., cults and Satanism.

Satanism is a growing religion in America and a Satanist will do his best recruiting with 13 or 14 year olds!

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