Summary: We are called to witness; to disciple; to give others what we received and tell about the One who has redeemed us. With this knowledge, Christians need to consider the answer to one crucial question in their life: "God, can I be obedient to you?"

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How our witness testifies to who we follow

Galatians 6:7-10


- If the church is faithful to obey, souls would always be impacted for Him

- Today, we will look at our role in church growth (impact of outreach)

- Centering on our witness for Christ and how our lives must reflect Him

- Everything we do should be a mirror image of who Christ is in our life

- Read Galatians 6:7-10

- Pray

- Before we can honestly serve the Lord, we must understand …

Point 1 – God cannot be mocked (we reap what we sow)

- Before we can truly witness with our lives, we must understand that God is paying attention to what we do.

- Our witness really must be consistent in who we are in Him

- Re: God cannot be mocked; which means His ways cannot be fake

- When we mock something, we are acting with a complete lack of respect

- We are saying that this or that really isn’t important

- Example: when we say we will pray for someone, and we don’t – we are mocking God’s thing … Prayer! God created prayer for us to use … not vice versa.

- Another example: When we make a commitment to do something – in the name of the Lord – to not do that thing is mocking God.

- Consider for a moment a garden that you want to plant.

- All year long you are thinking about that garden – all the crops you want to plant, the harvest that is going to come from it – and when it comes time to plant the garden you never lift a finger.

- Result: Months later … do you think you will have a successful garden?

- The same applies to how we work for the Lord.

- If we sit and consider all the things we would like to do, but never get out of the pew to do them, we won’t be very successful either.

- When I read verse 7 I see two things to consider.

- First, I see that God commands that we work for Him in everything that we do – from our personal to our visible life – we are to be working constantly for the Lord.

- Second, I see that we obviously reap what we sow.

- Consider that old garden again … if we never work in it, it will be a pile of weeds that we will never see a harvest from.

- Many Christians are walking around telling people that they have these beautiful lives of worship and service to God, when in all actuality, they have nothing more than a pile of weeds.

- Therefore, if we are acting like we are doing all these wonderful things – but are doing nothing – we are mocking the very principles that God established for His believers.

- We must always be willing to understand the effect of reaping and sowing

- If we do nothing, we get nothing.

- If we work for the Lord, we see results from the Lord.

- It really is that simple – we reap what we sow

- No work produces no results of God in our life

- But, when we do work for the Lord, there are ALWAYS godly results!

Point 2 – What is the result of sowing?

-Verse 8 shows us that no matter what we do, there will be results.

- When we sow into our sinful nature, we get the world’s results

- It is what the world has producing for thousands of years … sin

- Consider this: As Christians, we allowed the removal of prayer from schools for one reason – we were too lazy to take a stand – and because of that schools have deteriorated to the point where police officers are in attendance every single day.

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