Summary: God desires that we would come to Him, know Him, lean on Him. He demonstrated this by giving us His most precious gift: His Son Jesus.

How personal is Christmas to you?

Luke 2:1-20


Re: During our service, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper

I encourage you to listen for the voice of the Lord and respond as He leads

Open your bibles with me to Luke, Chapter 2

Today, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

As a Christian, today is a wonderful day for us to celebrate and remember

It is the day we see for ourselves how much God truly loves us

A love so deep that He would send His son to be born; to die for us

We celebrate Christmas not around a man named Santa Claus

But around a man named Jesus Christ who is the very son of God

He left the splendor of Heaven to come to Earth to dwell among us

And finally, He offered his life as a sacrifice for our sins (payment we owed)

Christmas is a joyous occasion – we should get excited about its meaning

Because of Christmas, the forgiveness of God is possible

Because of Christmas, Jesus could die on the cross & we have salvation

Because of Christmas, His resurrection finishes our faith; eternity with Him

The excitement of Christmas must be more than just gifts and stuff!

Read Luke 2:1-20 / Pray

Point 1 – Journey to Bethlehem (v1-7)

Mary and Joseph were traveling together because they were being obedient They submitted to the authority of Caesar who required a census for all

Joseph, being from Bethlehem, to them both to register in that city

IMP: What is about to be fulfilled was prophesized by Micah

Micah would’ve preached this message around the same time as Isaiah

They are considered contemporaries; were given similar visions by God

Go back a few books in your bible to Micah, Chapter 5:2-5 (READ)

I always find it interesting how God got Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem

We know they lived in Nazareth, which puts them 69 miles away

For the average person, this would mean several days of traveling

To travel for a census would’ve been a long journey for anyone to make

Perhaps as much as a week would be needed to make the journey

Often, we picture Mary at 9 months pregnant on the back of a donkey

However, the Bible does not confirm that as a fact for us here

She was indeed pregnant, and Joseph had not married her (still a virgin)

They could’ve been there for several weeks; we just don’t have a timeline

And all we know is while they were there, the time came for labor to begin

On this special night, God adorned Himself as His creation, and was born

When God announces something – we can count on it not being small

Point 2 – A Triumphant Entrance (v8-14)

Re: The lowest job in society during this period would’ve been a shepherd

They lived in the fields, more than likely had no other place to live

They were charged with keeping animals (someone else’s) safe from harm

I believe they were chosen because God also comes for the outcasts

God comes for the broken, who need hope, who feel life’s forgotten them

Tending their sheep, the sky would’ve exploded as bright as noonday

Re: Whenever God’s angels appear to man, he leads with, “Fear not.”

APP: God’s plan is not to scare you, but to offer you to receive Him

The angel announces the birth of the Messiah (Christ means Messiah)

He says to look in the town of David, for a baby has been born there

He implies they should go (“you will find”) and describes him perfectly

Laying in a manger, wrapped in cloths, is where he will be found

This … is humbleness exemplified. God’s son, in an animal’s feeding bin

How do we know that Christ came to serve? His entrance is exhibit #1.

(v13) Suddenly, Heaven explodes into song to rejoice at this news … Why?

The realization that God’s plan of redemption had been put into motion!

Heaven (the angels) knew God’s love for His creation (they witnessed it)

Their joy would be overflowing to see God make a way for His people

Certainly, seeing this first-hand would’ve caused a massive celebration

All of heaven, in one voice proclaimed: (v14) “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth, peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

Glory to God? YES! Re: We haven’t done a single thing here to be praised

Heaven proclaims the majesty and the splendor of what God has done

For you and I, this gives us a challenge to not take credit for His work

It also gives us a charge that we can apply today …

The shepherds had one thought in mind: “Let’s Go!”

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