3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Using food coloring, water and bleach, children pray and acquire an understanding of how prayer can work

Hi Kids!

Today we are talking about prayer and I have a special demonstration for you that shows how prayer works.

First, I’m going to give each one of you a little bottle of food coloring. Be careful with it so we don’t stain the carpet or our clothes.

Now, do you see this jar of water here on the table? This jar of water represents us when we pray. We are going to pray today using this jar of water.

What I want you to do is think of something you are grateful for, then put a drop of food coloring into the jar. Now think of something you are sad about and put in a drop of food coloring. Now think of people that you would like God to pay special attention to today, maybe your family, and put a drop of food coloring into the water for each one. Think of something about your life that you wish you could change and put in a drop of food coloring. Think of somebody who isn’t very well, and put in a drop for them. Maybe you should put in a drop to thank God that you are healthy while you’re at it. Put in a drop for a friend. Put in a drop for your Sunday school class and a drop for your church, a drop for your school and a drop for your world. Let’s say “Amen” together. AMEN

Do you notice that the jar of water has become dark and murky? (Hold the jar up so the congregation can see as well). This is how our soul can be without God’s presence. When we ask God to be with us, something happens. Watch the jar. God works like this. (Pour in the cup of bleach. Soon the water will clear up.) When we share things with Him his light is able to shine through us. And just in case you think God always works instantly, keep an eye on this jar during the rest of the service.

Collect the bottles and cover the jar

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