Summary: This sermon deals with how we are all like a sheep and understanding about wolfs and snakes and doves.


I want to share my Heart with you this morning. I want to be very complete and example very carefully this message.

How sheep ought to act or behave in the mist of wolf country.

Let be break it down and teach a little bit before we get into the meat of the message.

What is a sheep?............Webster says it this way. A person who is meek,Timid, defenseless,submissive.

In the greek= Pro baton and it means, something that walks forward and does not look back!

What is a wolf? #1 A name of a animal of Prey

#2 any of a large group of flesh eating dog like Mammals

#3 A fierce,cruel or greedy person.

#4 A man who flirts aggressively with many women.

#5 one who eats ravenously as a wolf does. Matt 7:15

But now lets consider the word Lambs. Luke 10:1-3 Jesus said I send you forth as lambs in the mist of wolfs.

What is a lamb? #1 A young sheep

#2 The flesh of a young sheep used as food

#3 Lambskin

#4 A gentle or innocent person particulary a child.

#5 A person easily tricked or out witted as a inexperienced speculator

Matt 10:16 Gives Instruction’s to be wise as a snake,

Luke 10:1-3 Gives us a reminder

watch how you live and act,

Gods People are likely unto a sheep,and he wants to know that there is wolfs out looking to kill us.

So I want to now take you to the wild, out in the pasture and lets all look together and see what we can Learn.

What is it about a sheep we need to be reminded of.

#1 sheep is the most helpless animal on the earth,

#2 he has a number of emenies

#3 he is not like a dog with sharp Teeth.

#4 A deer with a fast foot.

#5 A bee with a sharp stinger

#6 A polcat that can drive away any beast with his smell.

He will not even Flinch when he’s brought to the slather.

Like our Lord, Open not his mouth.

#7 He can not sense danger

#8 Sheep are very easly freightened if the they get scared they will stampeed

#9 Sheep like to wonder away from the flock. Is 53:6

#10 They have no sense of direction when they get far away.

Take a cat 50 miles from your home and some how he will find his way back. every time.

Take a pegen 1000 mile from where he calls home and he will find his way back.

But a sheep can’t do that.

#11 A sheep can not protect his self in any way.

#12 The only hope a sheep has is a good sherperd.

#13 If the sheep does’t follow the shepherd’s in danger of the wolfs.


#14 The sheep is Located in the midist of wolf country.

And if that is the case, we need to know a little bit about a wolf..........Amen

So what is it we need to know?

#1 The wolf is very cunning,

That word cunning Means, A skillfull, clever,shrewed.

Skillfull in deception,sly,crafty,

Matt 7:15 Tells us to beware of them.

#2 He’s very strong in body and teeth

#3 They are deadly killer’s

The only Protection a sheep has is to stay close to the sheperd

#4 They run in Packs.

#5 They kill just for the sport of it,

Look at out text again......Matt...10;16

It gives us some good advice Be ya there fore wise a serpents and harmless as Doves.

If a sheep is going to make in this wolf country he has got to know about the wisdom of a snake.

I toke some time and study the snake as well as the sheep and the wolf, and also the Dove.

So go with me now as we take a close look the snake or serpent. and the Dove.

What is it about Being as wise as the snake the lord was telling us to look at???

#1 He is very wise in the way he uses his ears.

A snake is deaf to the sound carry by air.

If you were to come upon a snake and stop and begin to talk to him and say Mr snake if you dont get out of my way I am going to step on you and cruse your head. Guess what he will not move, for he cant hear you.

He reacts upon movement, he can feel your vebration under yout feet.

You see the lord says to be wise as the snake, meaning in wolf country when you listen to the wolfs howl, ther sounds cant hurt you. but it’s the movement one need to watch. Any one can blow on a horn, but not every one can make it talk

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