Summary: To show that it is important for Christians to exercise their right to vote and to do so in a manner consistent with the Christian beliefs.

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-We are less than a month away from election day 2006

-Election day is always a high day for our country

-It is one of the things that sets us apart from many other countries

-Some say Christians and especially those in leadership in the church, should not be involved in politics

-I couldn’t disagree with them more

-I believe Christians, especially those in leadership in the church must be involved in politics

-I believe that every believer in a free, democratic country as ours, has a God-given responsibility to vote

-This morning, to help you fulfill what I believe is a God-given responsibility for believers to vote, I am going to speak to you on the topic of “How Should I Vote?”

-Note: I will not be speaking about who to vote for or even what party to vote for

-To do so would limit the joy of letting God speak directly to you concerning this issue

-Also, to do so would damage or even remove our tax exempt status, affecting how your tithes and offerings are considered by the government

-In addition, I have not yet determined for this time how I am going to vote myself

-But, let’s all look together today at our text for some guidance in this area

-Proverbs 29:2

-Q: Did you catch the seriousness in that verse?

-Let me read it to you again

-One thing to keep in mind, when this was written, there was no democratic process

-Government Of Kings

-Thus, very little about how to vote directly in scripture, yet we can imply a good deal from it

-There are two corollary concepts in this one verse

1. Righteous leaders produce joy-filled citizens

2. Wicked leaders produce grumbling citizens

-When you think about it, we have seen this to be true, haven’t we?

-You see, we have the opportunity to affect change with our ballots

-For the good or for the better

-We can keep righteousness in place when righteous leaders rule

-We can keep wickedness in place when wicked leaders rule

-We can act to replace wicked leaders with righteous ones

-Or, we can act to replace righteous leaders with wicked ones

-Let me read one more verse of scripture this morning before we get into detailing how you should vote

-Proverbs 14:34

-You see, this verse carries the importance even further

-Wickedness in positions of governmental leadership not only makes the people themselves grumble, but it brings reproach to the nation from others outside of the nation

-Because of the seriousness of these two verses, let’s all seriously consider how a Christian should vote and make it our commitment to do so this year in the election at hand

I. Faithfully

-Every time the voting booth is open

-You see voting is a privilege as well as a right

-Earned by many at the cost of their lives

A. Your vote counts

-Elections are fairly run

-Election officials want for everything to run smoothly

-Without error

B. Your vote matters

-Even if your candidate loses

-You make a statement

II. Prayerfully

-Do we believe prayer works

-Do we act as if prayer works

A. Before you enter the voting booth

-Start praying now that God will direct you as to how you should vote?

-This is why I do not tell people how to vote

-I believe Christians should be in tune with God enough for Him to lead them as to how to vote -But, it takes looking to Him for that leadership

B. While you are in the voting booth

1. That the Lord will guide you in the stage of placing the vote

2. That the Lord will keep His hand on the voting booth to allow that vote to be counted accurately

3. That the Holy Spirit will linger in the voting booth to guide those who will vote after you

-Many enter the voting booth still undecided

C. As you leave the voting booth

-That the Lord will guide all who are yet to vote to make the right choices

D. After the election is over

-Pray for those who get elected

-Whether you voted for them or not

III. Scripturally

-What a wonderful document the Constitution of the United States is

-As well as the Bill of Rights

-Note: The Holy Bible is a much more important document than the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights!!!

-So, when you step into the voting booth, ask yourself, “What does scripture have to say about the issues at hand in this election?”

-What we need less of in Washington and Raleigh are rulers who do not know or act in accordance with scripture

-What we need more of in Washington and Raleigh are rulers who know the Word of God and act on it accordingly

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