Summary: In a Media frenzy and with our own views how do greet this Presidency

Trump one week to go Isaiah 32:1-8 James 3.1- 6

In the last few days you could be forgiven for thinking a presidency or a premiership was in its final hours. Revelations of alleged impropriety; possible footage of heaven knows what; the handing over of assets to family members instead of an independent trust; intelligence activity (the State’s not the new incumbent) and newly appointed Secretaries of States lining up to sing from the same hymn sheet - but at variance with that of their leader. Worse the said leader is using the mega phone diplomacy of Twitter to vent his anger. Even Hollywood is deriding him. It is all very sad.

It feels like the end but this is the beginning. What could go wrong!!

What was it I asked you to pray in November. God bless America! Well God bless and protect all of us if this goes on.

We must pray that this Media feeding frenzy ceases, pray for calmness and pray that the agenda of some to wreck the political system fails. This is someone else's country we didn't vote; but this can’t go on.

Call of high office ((heading))

Is it fair to say everyone who holds high office is out of the same bottle. Headmasters, captains, surgeons, prime minsters and presidents - many posses a whiff of arrogance about them . Mr Obama didn’t seem like the power crazed, uber confident, doubtless characters before him. He was thoughtful , not given to knee jerk reaction and described by many of the glitterati as the coolest person in and room.

Mr Trump seems ready to give the earlier model of presidency another go and how, but whether in the words of Isaiah ‘he will rule with justice’ remains to be seen. We don’t yet know!

Like so many others he may surprise us with a firm and sound direction of travel. A Good business head may do everyone good; not wasting time with convention and ritual may prove refreshing.

Only time will tell.

The pressures of power ((second heading))

In any job something may come along which was not in the job description and that can be testing. For an American President anything could role up - war, famine, plague so best make sure you are ready. It can go horribly wrong very quickly. And the unexpected can grind down good people when it has to be worked into am already busy schedule. No one can take such a post and be guaranteed to succeed or fail.

However, it doesn’t take long for people to lose faith, leaders are judged more strictly in heaven, but earth proves to be tough audience for many.

Isaiah says “ No longer will the fool be called noble, nor the scoundrel be highly respected’ he goes on “ the fool speaks folly – the scoundrels methods are wicked”.

Basically he is saying instead of having their eyes closed and ears shut the people will have them opened, and the people will know the truth. The villains are going to get punished, no one will think that fools are noble, and the truly noble will stand out heroically. Time will tell.

The hope for a new leader ((Final Point))

For everyone in a new job there should be a period of grace, there are expectations and a time of learning the ropes. Some will wonder what they have let themselves in for, others will just want to make their mark.

For a political leader you hope they will keep the peace; allow business to flourish; be fare with all and put others first. And the list could go on but we want them to be reliable and honourable. We want them to guard their tongue.

Whether you like Theresa May or not the one good thing she brought to number ten was quietness. She doesn’t go on Twitter every time someone opens their curtains, she is not giving her thoughts on every subject to the world. Mr Trump could learn much from this new leader.

Paul has warnings for those who don’t. James 3:8 states ‘no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison’ But he says at verse 2 ‘We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check’.

The Donald is not perfect and neither are we. So give him some time. Open your eyes and ears to what this man might be able to do to lead well. Let’s see if he has what it takes. And pray for the Administration.

Isaiah 32 verse 8 ‘But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble plans he stands’.

Let us see if Mr Trump is up to the call.

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