Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What is Grace? “that which brings delight & pleasure” It’s anything that makes God smile! It’s sweeter than the sound of sin, of the law, and of works...

* What is Grace? Common definition- “unmerited, undeserved favor”

o “that which brings delight & pleasure” – anything that makes God smile

o Grace is in an unusual category of N/V words-(both nouns & verbs) Love, Joy, Hope, and Faith – both a ‘thing’ and something you ‘do’

1. Sweeter than the sound of SIN

* Where sin abounded-there was always more grace! Contrast… Taylorsville Lake//Pacific, graffiti//God’s finger writing on wall, to the moon//to the sun, Glass//Diamonds, Human//God, natural//divine

* Grace is the answer to sin & sins ailments (guilt, shame, bitterness)

2. Sweeter than the sound of LAW - Gal. 3:24

* Given for us to know how sinful we really are

* Do’s/Don’ts – Thou shalt‘s / thou shalt-nots

3. Sweeter than the sound of WORKS - Romans 11:6

* Attempts at obedience/accordance of the law…effort to enter into God’s “good graces”

* Many of our founding fathers were Puritans

- “a person with a haunting fear that someone, somewhere is happy…” & the need (felt) to do something to enter into their happiness

* Legalism-attempt to live up to the law (or keep others under it) with the reward being Grace – (God’s pleasure or yours)

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