Summary: How the Holy Spirit moves in the church.

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How the Holy Spirit Moves

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

Acts 1

The first mentioned of the Holy Spirit of the bible says, “The Spirit of God moved”

1. The Spirit of God moves where there is unity

a. Acts 1:4 “Gathering them together…”

b. Acts 1:14 “These all with one mind …”

c. Acts 2:1 “When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place

i. God refrains from moving where there is divisions, strife, fighting, complaining

ii. God inhabits the praises of his people, not the grumbling of his people

1. The word unity means “to get your minds together”

a. We must become be of one mind in our marriages, relationships, cell groups, and church

2. We need each other

a. Stop isolating yourself from the people of God

i. The Spirit of God moves upon the body of Christ

iii. The Spirit was pour out upon those who were there, and not on those who stayed at home

1. It is a fallacy to believe that God moves at home the same he moves in church

a. It did not happened then, why do we expect to happen now

2. He moves where there is a people who pursue him for the power through prayer (Acts 1:8)

a. Have you come to the point where your absolute emptiness has drawn you to seek and yearn for more of God in your life.

i. They were so hungry for God, that for 10 days they did nothing but to seek God until they receive the power

b. Story of Nobel

i. Inventor of the most powerful explosive up to that time

ii. Ask his friend for a word to describe “explosive power”

1. Greek word dynamis – from where we get the word dynamite

c. Power for what? To witness.

i. Danger in the church – idleness

1. The church that is not witnessing is disobeying the Lord

a. The less Jesus is the core of witness, the less power we have”

d. I been there and done that in the church, but there is something I need more than anything and that is the presence of God in my life.

i. I have seen it all in the church of the Lord

1. the sick healed

2. the possessed delivered

3. the addict set free

4. the miracles happen

5. the oppressed revived

6. hands raise up

7. feet stump down

8. hand clapping,

9. body shaking

10. head moving

11. hair raising

12. goospons all over

13. tongue talking

14. prophetic messages

15. banners raising

16. worship extravaganza

17. dramatic divas

18. suprano singing

19. oratory pinnacle leve preaching

20. But there is one thing, that I will never ever, ever, ever, never get tired of seeking after, that is the presence of God

a. If that is not your priority in your life, I pity you, because then church will eventually get old and moldy, routine on you

b. But when you covet, crave, desire, hunger and ache for the presence of God, you will experience a fresh move of God’s Spirit upon you

2. He moves through leadership

a. That is what God has been doing in this church through the principle of twelve

b. He moved in raising leadership so they can handle the huge harvest they were about to reap through revival.

i. The Argentina Revival

c. Notice how these men made themselves available to be use in leadership

i. You don’t hear them say, “I am not ready for this, I don’t know enough, I am too busy”

3. He moves in those who want the supernatural in their lives

a. They were so saturated with the Spirit of God that they appeared to be drunk (v. 13-15)

b. Let us look at the manifestations of God that occurred:

i. Sound of a mighty rushing wind

1. You got to understand that the word for “spirit” was also the same word for “wind”

a. Genesis 2:7 – the breath of God

i. God is saying this morning, “I am about to breath upon you something supernatural”

ii. “I am about to create something new in your life”

iii. Some of you are spiritually dead because God has not breath upon you

ii. Fire

1. symbolizes the presence of God

a. fire in the covenant with Abraham, mountain with Moses

4. The Spirit of God moves in conviction (Acts 2:38 “turn from your sins”

a. A manifestation of the Holy Spirit is when people want God to forgive them of their sins

i. 3000 got saved (win)

ii. baptized and added to the church (consolidate)

iii. study doctrine (disciple)

iv. went from house to house (send)

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