3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: How the Spirit Helps us In our Weakness

Jan 4th Rom 8:26,27

Theme - The Spirit helps us in all our weakness.

Why is it true that when we are weak then we are strong in Christ? Humility like darkness, tends to reveal more of the Spirit’s light. The Spirit of God has a way of taking our individual weaknesses and making us strong through these points of vulnerability. When we are willing to admit our need to depend on the Spirit, He works overtime in interceding on our behalf to the almighty Father. As hope for something better sustains us in times of trials, so the Spirit helps us see the light at the end of every tunnel. The Spirit is the Master translator of our thoughts, desires, and needs into language that the Father completely understands. The Spirit is not dependent on our vocabulary, our diction, or our theological understanding to present our heart felt needs before the throne of grace. Do not think you have made spiritual progress until you have grown in humility. God walks with the humble. The Spirit can only instruct the humble. He gives understanding to the meek. He shows deep insights to the teachable. But, He hides His grace from the proud and self-sufficient. Whatever your weakness, ask the Father for strength. His Spirit can turn our frailness into empowerment. "His power is made perfect in our weakness." (2 Cor. 12:9)

Question - What are the problems of using human strength to overcome our weaknesses?

Prayer - Lord, help me not to feel ashamed my weaknesses, but let me see them as opportunities for You to show yourself strong on my behalf.

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