Summary: The Biblical way a wife should treat her husband


* Last week, "How The Husband Should Treat His Wife!" * He should love her above everything

and anything in the world, * He should praise her and not criticize her,

* He should pay attention to her & let her know she is special!

* And, he should provide her a strong spiritual leader!

A) First, let us understand God’s design of marriage! * Gen 2:18-25 is the first marriage.

* God planned woman’s creation! * The plan for woman’s creation was not just an afterthought!

* It was not an inferior plan, it was not of less importance, and it was not given less attention and

thought than the creation of man!

B) On the contrary, the very opposite was true! * This passage shows that great attention and

thought were given to the creation of woman!

* The plan for woman’s creation was worked out in great detail!

C) First, She Was Created For Companionship! * Gen. 2:18 "And the Lord God said ......."

* God made Eve as a "help meet." * That is, a suitable helper and companion.

* Woman was the only thing God made not out of dirt! * She was special! * C.H. Spurgeon said:

D) "Woman was not taken out of man’s head to be lord over him, or from his feet to be trampled on

by him, but from his side to be equal with him,

* From under his arm to be protected by him, and from near his heart to be loved by him!"

* Companion: one who shares in what another is doing! * Man needs woman!

E) Second, She Was Created For Love! * Last week we talked about 3 kinds of love:

* Phileo ... friendship, Eros ... Sex, Agape ... Genuine love, the very love of God Himself.

* I don’t want a wife to love me more than she loves God!

* Now, let me share with you this morning "How A Wife Should Treat Her Husband!"


* Eph. 5 makes it very clear that men have a need for respect or reverence and the women have

a need for love! * Eph. 5:33 "Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular so love ......."

A) The amplified Bible says about this verse, "Let the wife see that she respects and reverences

her husband, that she notices him, honors him, prefers him, and esteems him exceedingly."

* If she respects him as she should, she shows him her love!

B) The Man Has Two Major Responsibilities! * Lover and Leader!

* The wife should tell her husband, "I believe in you, I thank you for loving me and the children

the way you do!" * Husbands, we got to earn that kind of reverence & respect!

C) In Gen.3:16, God establishes the man as the leader! * "Unto the woman he said, I will ......."

* He didn’t do it to put the woman down, but God knew if there was not a final authority, there

would be confusion! * Someone had to make a final decision!

D) The Man Is Not To Dominate Or Lord Over The Wife! * Let me explain something!

* Submission is not slavery, it is simply conforming to God’s order!

* Husbands are to give leadership and leadership without love is dictatorship!

E) Leadership does not mean the man is superior and the wife inferior!

* Leadership does not mean that the husbands make all the decisions!

* Leadership does not mean that the husband is always right & the wife should look to him instead

of God! * Leadership is not something that should be demanded!

* Leadership is responsible to God for his home, responsible for all decisions, even if he turns

it over to his wife!

F) Even if a man is successful in business in his leadership & does not feel he is the leader of the

home, he feels like a failure!

* A wife should praise her husband for being a good leader!

G) When a man feels he is the leader, he will stop resenting his wife & fighting her and this will

free him to be more considerate of her and of her needs!

* He will become more supportive of her & then she will blossom as a person!

* Let me give you some ways that wives can challenge their husband’s leadership:

FIRST: BELITTLE HIM, CRITICIZE HIM! * To indicate that you don’t believe in him!

* "When are you going to grow up, you dummy, you can’t do anything!"

SECOND: DOMINATE YOUR HUSBAND! * Especially the quiet type! (motorcycle woman)


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