Summary: Three key ingredients for having a more than successful Christian walk


And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Dan 11:32


In the days we live in now many are trying to get ahead by many different ways. People attend college to get ahead, some invest, some start businesses and some enter into politics. How do you plan on achieving greatness? There are three key points pointed out in Daniel that show us the way to victory:

I. The People that know their God…

Do you know Him. Do you know Him by name, reputation or power? Or do you know Him intimately as a bride knows the groom.

·Do you know His love for you? Deu 7:7 1Jn 4:10

·Do you know His will for your life? 1Jn 2:3

·Do you Trust Him? Ps 9:10 Isa 26:3-4

·Do you rely and call upon Him? 1Ch 16:8 Ps 50:15

·Do you know Him and the fellowship of His suffering? 1Pe 4:13 2Ti 2:11-12

Those who knew the Lord to be the true God, and acknowledged him. They not only professed him, but served and worshipped him. They had a spiritual knowledge of him, and fellowship with him. They held fast their faith. Christians should understand his nature, his character, his work, and salvation. We should know the influence his resurrection should have on our spirit soul and body.

II. Shall be Strong…

·It is the Lord who gives strength. Zec 10:12

·We have nothing to fear when we operate in the power of the Lord. Isa 41:10

·We are told to take advantage of the Lord’s power. Eph 6:10

·The Lord gives strength to His people. Psa 29:11

·It is the power of the Lord that destroys the wicked.Psa 37:17

·We can be strong in faith. Hab 2:4

·It is faith in the name of Jesus that makes us strong. Acts 3:16

·We have overcoming power by our faith In Him. 1Jn 5:4

III. Do Exploits.

·We have boldness & power to be on the offensive.

Psa 18:29

·We are more the victors, we are vanquishers.Rom 8:37

·We must remember that it is by the power of Jesus not by our hand. Phi 4:13

·He gives us power to defeat the devil. Mar 16:17

·When we go in the name of Jesus we cannot fail.

2Co 2:14

·It is the Lord that goes before us into battle.

Deu 20: 4

·He has, he can and will defeat death once and for all. Isa 25:8

·His strength is perfected in our weaknesses. 2Co 12:9

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