Summary: God never told men to STAND in the face of sexual sin He commanded us to RUN.

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It seems like every week there is a preacher, politician, or leader falling prey to sexual misconduct…WHY? The Bible gives the clearest and most direct answer…RUN. Fornication is defined as “unlawful or illicit sexual intercourse” (Webster). It pertains to sexual relations outside of marriage—all of them! We can change the name but it is still the same thing (“making love… going all the way…sleeping together…having an affair… or pre-marital sex”). No matter what society thinks, sex outside marriage is still sinful (Hebrews 13:4).

The reason FLEE or RUN is the best advice a man can get is because our flesh is weak, all flesh is weak. Men in particular have two things that make it so difficult is 1. Men are VISUAL creatures, they are stimulated sexually by SIGHT more than women are. How do I know this? Jesus said “If a MAN looks at a WOMAN with LUST in his heart he has already committed adultery.” Notice Jesus didn’t apply this to a woman. 2. Men have testosterone, the male hormone that makes a man’s sex drive so strong, it makes men the hunter and it give men an aggressive nature.

Joseph was one of the few men in scripture that applied this principal when faced with sexual temptation, Joseph RAN when Potiphers wife tried to entice him. David was not as wise, when he saw Bathsheba he lusted and called for her, the scripture said Bathsheba was BEAUTIFUL. So men when facing temptation don’t rebuke the devil, don’t plead the blood, and definitely don’t stand stil………….RUN!!!!

M. Hamilton Stevens, ThD

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