Summary: Are we directing our PASSIONS in the right direction? Three areas that we must be passionate about: A PASSION FOR GOD & HIS WORD,A PASSION FOR WAR,A PASSION FOR GOOD TESTIMONY

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We are all created to be people of PASSION.

The question is = Are we directing our PASSIONS in the right direction?

Much of the sin and filth that is in the world today may be due to the misdirection of our PASSION into sinful culture and sinful activities.

The devil has cleverly deceived many young men and women today resulting in many falling into adultery, immorality, licentiousness, lesbianism, homosexuality, infidelity, disloyalty, unfaithfulness and such as these. Many who have fallen into these traps have always rationalized their sin and in turn are deceived by their devil-inspired thought life.

But God has never taken away our PASSIONS and made as men and women of robots.

Maybe machines and robots would have been more obedient and faithful to God but that was not the plan of God. (Machines and robots have no free choice to obey God. God gave us humans – his creation, a free choice to obey Him.)

God himself is a GOD OF PASSION. We being made in the likeness of God are also PEOPLE OF PASSION.

So God has called us to be PEOPLE OF PASSION but with our PASSION directed in the right direction – God’s direction.

It is not surprising that Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ” has brought many tears into the eyes of movie spectators when the actor portraying Jesus began to show that God is very much a passionate God. God in his PASSION for the salvation of mankind had allowed Himself to go through such pain and sorrow as already described in Isaiah 53.

Question to ask ourselves: How to be a PEOPLE OF PASSION?

To be a PEOPLE OF PASSION, we need to direct our PASSION towards a certain goal or target.

We have to be passionate about Something or Someone.

Our PASSIONS must be channeled and guided.


In the natural, if we say that we are passionate towards our spouse, it means that we direct our affections and passions towards our husband/wife.

If we say that we are passionate towards our hobby – for example rearing dogs, then we would spend time and energy and passionately devote ourselves towards the hobby of rearing dogs.

If we say that we are passionate towards traveling and exploration, then much of our finances and time would be involved in traveling and exploring the travel locations.

May I suggest that there are THREE areas that God has called us to be PASSIONATE about.

If ever we need to survive and be victorious in these last days, our PASSION in these three areas will carry us through any and all kind of trials or tribulations that may befall us.

The three areas that we must be passionate about are:


Some health specialists say that breakfast in the morning is the most important meal for the day.

You may skip your lunch or your teatime, but they would say that you never skip your breakfast.

The energy for the toils of the day would come from the strength that is derived from your breakfast meal.

Same in the spiritual as in the natural.

Our “breakfast” with God is the most important spiritual meal for the day.

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