Summary: This sermon focuses on how to become a true believer in Christ by following the example of Zacchaeus.

Players are the epitome of what we all want to be. No one wants to be an outcast or a reprobate. All through life we focus on being at the top of our class. We want to be the highest paid, or be the greatest athlete. We all want to be players. You might not want to confess to it but if you were to do an inventory on your own life, you’d find out that your entire life you’ve been struggling and striving to be a player. Today, our children look at all types of people as role models in order to find out how to be a player. We all want be “Players.”

In our text, Jesus has just healed an unnamed blind beggar on the outskirts of Jericho. The man cried unto Jesus to heal him so that he might receive his sight. Jesus healed the man and told him he was healed because of his faith. After these events, Jesus goes through Jericho and we’re now at our preaching text. We will try to make three points to you.

First we will look at Zacchaeus’ CHARACTER. His STATUS was the Chief Publican, a tax collector. He had the not so preferred occupation. His fellow citizens did not like him. He was rich. He was the big boss. If a situation was to arise, he was the one the problem would be escalated to. His STATURE was small. He was a shorty. He was not tall and handsome. He did not stand out in the crowd. His STRUGGLE was one that no one else could understand. Because he was rich, others thought he already had all that he needed. They thought that he did not have a want in life. Thought he already had it going on.

Secondly, we see his CURIOSITY. He had to see what was up with this Jesus. Why were all the people flocking to Him? What was He all about? Could He really do all the miracles that people said He could do? And so, Zacchaeus changed his PLACEMENT. He was on ground level and could not see over the people in the crowd. He was too short and needed to see above the rest. He changed his POSTURE. He became as a little child and climbed up in the tree. He left his prestigious positioning and was willing to lower himself and climb the tree. Sometimes when you lower yourself, you’re actually raising yourself. When your problems seem too tall, climb a little higher. Lastly, he takes POSSESSION of Jesus. Jesus called Him to come down, and Zacchaeus received Him. Praise God that even with us not saying a word, Jesus already knows our name! Zacchaeus took Jesus as His own. They had fellowship together.

Third and last point is Zacchaeus’ CONVERSION. The scripture says, ‘if any man be in Christ he is a new creature…’ Look at Zacchaeus HUMBLING himself to the point of giving away half of his goods. This was an act of true conversion. Are you willing to give up anything? Even though there were player HATERS present Zacchaeus still received Jesus. The Haters will not encourage you to do right. The Haters can be your family, friends, and even fellow church members. Haters don’t want you to be with Christ. As a result of Zacchaeus’ faith, salvation was brought to his whole HOUSE.

So let us deal with the question, ‘How to be a Player?’ Zacchaeus’ character, curiosity, and conversion brought him to the point of being a player! Do you want to be a player? Look at Jesus! He is the ultimate player! He played the most excellent role. He lived, died, and rose again so we all can be players. We don’t have to be lost in our sin but we can be players! He paid the price for our playerhood!

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