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Summary: How to progress without excess

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The writer of Hebrews once wrote, "People living by faith did not receive the things promised; they only saw them from a distance admitting that they were aliens and pilgrims on the earth." (Heb. I 1:13)

As Christians are true citizenship is in heaven. Our earthly existence should be seen as a pilgrimage where we are journeying in the footprints of Jesus. Unfortunately, some believers become so heavenly minded that they are of little earthly good.

Let us look at several principles of becoming a progressive pilgrim.

1. Pilgrims do not put their trust in earthly possessions, titles or securities. Godly believers trust in the Lord for their identity, security and direction. People who hold on too tightly to the tangible things of this world have a difficult time progressing as Godly pilgrim.

2. Progressive pilgrims are directed to the higher principles and practices Christ. Unlike some religious pilgrims that try to fulfill their religious duty by making a once in a lifetime pilgrimage, the Christians pilgrimage is a life long experience of growing in all aspects into Christ.

3. Progressive pilgrims can look to the example of Abraham who went out to land where he was not familiar. Christians are called to move ahead by faith rather than by sight and human wisdom.

4. Progressive pilgrims can look to Noah as one who obeyed God for the saving of His household even when everyone else misunderstood his activities. Pilgrims are often viewed as outcasts.

5. Progressive pilgrims are on the move. Pilgrims do not become so situated in any one job, place or position that they find their security in an earthly dwelling. An alien realizes that his residence is temporary at best. Pilgrims do not remain on any level of maturity for long before advancing

6. Progressive pilgrims are moving away from their former life of sin, selfishness, and human endeavors. A Godly person knows that a pilgrim is not only moving towards Godliness they are leaving behind a former life led by one’s sinful human nature.

7. Progressive pilgrims set their faces toward the heavenly calling regardless of the difficulties. Along the journey pilgrims expect to encounter adversity, but do not cease progressing.

8. Progressive pilgrims are able to overcome the temptations along the way. Exposed to new ideas, attractions and people during the journey, a progressive pilgrim grows better not bitter from every experience in overcoming enticements.

9. Progressive pilgrims focus their energies on reaching the plateau of God’ s upward calling. Every pilgrim has a specific calling from the Lord to which they are drawn. Although other pilgrims may provide company along certain parts of the journey, each pilgrim must make their own way through the power of the Holy Spirit.

10. Progressive pilgrims have a way of encouraging, refreshing and inspiring other pilgrims to keep on marching toward our heavenly Zion. Be assured that the Lord preserves many pilgrims who are journeying together in every profession of life.

11. Progressive pilgrims do not proceed in fancy vehicles, but in humble means. Pilgrims do not invest heavily in earthly mechanisms because they know that it is better to invest their treasures in heavenly treasures. Pilgrims continue to study the road map found in the scriptures.

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