How many of you have ever looked through a pair of those virtual reality glasses? It's like your really there and really experiencing what is going on. Well to really appreciate what Isaiah saw, we need to put on our virtual reality glasses and look at what he seen. So lets begin by:

I. LOOKING-UP (vv. 1-4)

1. We need to see the Lord as Isaiah saw the Lord.

(1) High and lifted up.

(2) In all of his Power.

(3) In all of his Holiness.

2. We need to "Look-up" at God, not eye level.

3. We have gotten so wrapped up in trying to have a relationship with Him, that we sometimes rob him of his Holiness and Power.

[Once we have seen God in all of his power then we need to begin…]

II. LOOKING- IN (vv. 5-7)

1. When we begin to see God in all of his holiness, we can't help but see ourselves as we really are and that is Sinful and Imperfect.

2. Notice that he didn't see someone else's sin before he seen his own.

3. When we begin to see our own imperfections only then can we begin to be cleansed of them.

[Once we have seen how undone and imperfect we are, then we can begin…]

III. LOOKING-OUT (vv. 8-9)

1. We should have the willingness and zeal that Isaiah had to go tell all of Israel, but we can't have this until we begin to see the world as it really is and that's lost.

2. We always want to know why God don't use us, because it is us that doesn't make ourselves available.

3. When God says "Go!" We go!; It may not make sense to us, but it does to him.


The difference between virtual Isaiah and virtual reality is: virtual reality is a fantasy world, but virtual Isaiah isn't. God is very real, we are very imperfect, and people are lost and need to hear the Gospel Message. We need to begin today by Looking-up, Looking-In, and Looking-out.

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