Summary: Winning is so important to so many people, but we should concentrate on being Kingdom winners personally and in our churches.

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How to Be A Winner

Philippians 3:12-14

I. We Must realize Who and where We Are (v. 12)

A. We Must Have a Humble Spirit

1. You must remember that god will resist the proud whether it is being proud personally or as a church.

2. The moment you think you have arrived spiritually, I believe it is at that point that you are the farthest from God. It takes a humble spirit to realize that you have not made it yet spiritually speaking.

B. We Must Always Be Ready to Grow.

1. We grow by pressing ourselves and pushing ourselves to learn more about God’s word.

2. We grow by allowing others to push us along when we get lazy on God.

C. We Must Always Remember Our Purpose

1. We must make it our ultimate goal to conform to image of Christ in every phase of our life. That is our purpose. (Romans 8:29)

II. We Must forget the Past (v. 13)

A. The Past Can Be a Barrier

1. Past sin can be a barrier to what God desires for you to accomplish for Him.

2. Past failures can be a barrier, especially when instead of learning and moving on we just dwell on the fact that we failed.

B. Past Sins Must Be Dealt With

1. Sin must be confessed and moved out of the way between us and God.

2. Past sins must not be burdens to us once they are given to Jesus. He carried them to the cross for us.

C. Past Success Must be Forgotten

III. We Must Push Forward to the Future (v. 14)

A. We Must Keep Moving Forward

B. We Must Keep the Prize in Mind

C. We Must Realize Who Called Us

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