Summary: The Magnificat is an incredible moment of worshiping God. This sermon identifies 6 things we need to do, not to worship Mary, but to worship LIKE Mary.

- Being a “Mary Worshiper” does not mean that we worship Mary, but that we worship like Mary.

Becoming a “Mary Worshiper”:

1. “Mary worshipers” focus their eyes up, not in.

- v. 46 - “magnifies the Lord.”

- while there is certainly a need for reflection and self-examination in worship, the essence of worship is thinking about God and praising God.

- worship is not about us, it’s about God.

- we often come in much more concerned about what we can get than what we can give.

2. “Mary worshipers” are more likely to have their hands lifted than their arms crossed.

- v. 47 - “rejoiced.”

- whatever your expression of joy may be (it may not be hands lifted), but the point is that we need to be willing to let that joy out and praise the Lord.

- there’s nothing wrong with smiling in church.

3. “Mary worshipers” don’t have their noses in the air.

- v. 48 - lowly state/v. 52 - exalted low.

- walking in acting like they own the place.

- we need to come in knowing that we are merely sinners saved by grace.

- start down low.

- not ashamed to bow a knee/ don’t have a stiff back.

4. “Mary worshipers” aren’t afraid to lean a little.

- v. 51 - “strength with His arm”/v. 49 - “great things for me.”

- not afraid to come to altar and ask for something/not afraid to show our dependence.

5. “Mary worshipers” come hungry.

- v. 53.

- not in their stomachs, but in their hearts.

- do you want more of God or are you satisfied where you are right now?

6. “Mary worshipers” use their memory to recall God’s track record.

- v. 54-55.

- both His long-term faithfulness (Israel) and His goodness in your own life.

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