Summary: Jesus has come to free us from all of the barriers of life

How to bust out of a slump

Mark 10:46-52

January 30, 2000

Morning service

I. Assume responsibility for your own life

“When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout.”

A. Bartimaeus had to be responsible for himself

1. No one could step forward for Bartimaeus

2. Bartimaeus was in a slump

a.) His blindness had forced him into a life of a beggar.

b.) He would come to the side of the road and beg everyday

3. If Bartimaeus was to get out of his slump, it was up to him

B. Our lives are our responsibility

1. We live with slumps in life

 Slumps in your personal life

 Slumps in your professional life

 Slumps in your spiritual life

 Slumps in your church life

2. The fact of being in a slump is not the problem, staying in that slump is the problem

3. You need to make the choice to either stay in your slump or make the effort to get out.

II. Believe you can change

“Rabbi, I want to see.”

A. Bartimaeus believed there was hope for him

1. Bartimaeus could have remained a beggar for the rest of his life

2. He belived in Jesus and that he could be healed

B. There is hope for you

1. The same Jesus that healed Bartimaeus is still doing miracles today

2. Never lose hope that Christ can change you – You must be willing

3. If you want to be changed yo must come into contact with Jesus

III. Clarify what you really need

“What do you want me to do for you?”

A. Jesus asks a serious question

1. Jesus presents an important question

2. Jesus requires an answer – It cannot be ignored

B. You must clarify your needs with God

1. God wants to clarify your personal needs

2. You must know what it is that you really need

a.) You need the forgiveness of God through Christ

b.) You need the power of the Holy Spirit

c.) You need the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of God

IV. Stop worrying what other people will say

“Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet…”

A. Bartimaeus did not allow people to sway him

1. People are fickle – Most people do not care what God wants for you

2. People can never out influence God

a.) God has the greatest influence in our lives

b.) We far too often fail to listen to Him

B. You must not allow people drown out God’s influence

1. Who has the most influence in your life – People or God

2. Decide now who you will listen to the most

V. Stop waiting for ideal circumstances

“As Jesus and His disciples, together with a large crowd, were leaving the city.”

A. Bartimaeus did not choose great circumstances

1. This was far from an ideal encounter

a.) Jesus was with his disciples and a large crowd of people

b.) Jesus was leaving Jericho – This was not a good time or so it would seem

2. Bartimaeus refused to wait any longer

a.) He seized the moment of opportunity

b.) Bartimaeus gave all he had in this moment

B. There is no such thing as “perfect” circumstances

1. Don’t wait for some perfect moment to seek God

a.) No one knows when God will take us from this earth

b.) Ideal circumstances are extremely rare

c.) Stop looking for the four leaf clovers of life – They seldom exist

2. The key is to step out in faith

a.) Act now before the moment slips away

b.) Start doing and stop stewing

VI. Do something bold and dramatic

“Throwing his cloak aside…”

A. Bartimaeus responded to Jesus with enthusiasm

1. Bartimeaus focused only on Jesus

a.) His focus gave him new courage

b.) His focus gave him new passion

2. Bartimaeus came to Jesus with reckless abandon

B. You need to get your focus on Christ

1. Focusing on Christ will bring us personal renewal

a.) Focus on Christ will renew your faith

b.) Focus on Christ will renew your hope

c.) Focus on Christ will renew your passion

2. How do we focus on Christ?

a.) Be bold and courageous

b.) Obey what He calls you to do

c.) Give it everything you’ve got

VII. Do it now

“…he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus.”

A. Bartimaeus moved in the moment

1. Bartimaeus acted when he needed to

a.) There was no hesitation and no waiting

b.) He went when Christ called

2. Bartimaeus went to Jesus

B. You need the same attitude

1. You must move when Christ calls

a.) Don’t wait for the right moment

b.) Don’t loose the opportunity to follow Christ

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