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Summary: Many Christians ask, "Is it OK to participate in HALLOWEEN." Hopefully this message will help you decide....


Romans 12:21

(21) Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

There are many Christians who are questioning themselves of whether or not to participate in HALLOWEEN this year. A lot of folk are wondering if it is alright for them to "Go to parties," "Allow their kids to Dress in costumes and go Trick or Treatring." I am finding that a lot of Christians are really wrestling with themselves about this matter. After all, HALLOWEEN is recognized as a Pagan Holiday, right? But did you know, it was the Christian who first coined the name, "HALLOWEEN?"

EASTER - was originally instituted by the Pagans. But Christians prevailed and turned something that was considered bad into something we now consider good. We as Christians now celebrate Christ resurection on Easter… You see, we weren’t overcome by evil, but rather WE OVERCAME EVIL WITH GOOD!

CHRISTMAS - was originally instituted by Pagans. They worshiped their God "Samhain." Who was one of their God‘s called "The Lord Of Death." Today he is called the "Grim Reaper." Druids (some who practice Pagan religion), were actually the source of the Christmas tree. They celebrated mother earth by worshiping the oak of the Holly. Now can you imagine the Christmas tree as something evil? It was the Christian who changed things around. We now celebrate Christ birth at Christmas. We took a day that some evil people celebrated as having done bad things & done some good things with it. We weren’t overcome by evil, but rather WE OVERCAME EVIL WITH GOOD!

HALLOWEEN - was originally instituted by the pagans praying for their dead. Yes, their "new year" began on November 1st. They believed that Samhain gathered all the souls of those who had died in the past year. These souls had been confined to the bodies of animals to atone for their sins. They were then sacrificed on October 31st. But we as Christians tried to institute a Christian alternative. It was the Christians that coined the name, "HALLOWEEN," not someone provoking evil worship. Actually the church had a couple of holidays 1. All Hallow’s Eve Oct 31st and 2. All Hallows Day (November 1) to honor dead martyrs of the faith.

Now you might ask of me, "Should we celebrate HALLOWEEN, and if so, how?" Sure we should! How, By not being overcome by evil, but rather that WE OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. Many Christians are putting together a "Harvest Festival" at their churches this year. Dressing up in costumes such as Angles and the like. Many of churches are wanting to promote Good over Evil on this holiday. Certainly an alternative to what others may consider as HALLOWEEN.

Whatever you do, however you celebrate, just do it as responsible Christains. To the world, we are their light. And we want to promote all that is good. How do we celebrate HALLOWEEN? By not being overcome with evil, but rather overcoming evil with good....

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Rafael Gomez

commented on Oct 29, 2018

I don't think we as Christians need to be celebrating Halloween; we need to make a difference as the way you put it is like let's celebrate by changing some things in such celebration. it is not about how we celebrate but the reason behind the celebration. what is good about this particular evil celebration ?; having our children dressing up as an angel make it any better ?; I don't think so; we will be giving false information to innocent kids. better to teach them this is not a Christian celebration but a celebration to worship satan and his demons. we cannot be trying to hide the perils involved in this. dressing up is deceiving as Jacob did with his Father and we know the consequences he had to endure. we have to be radical with what we teach from the Bible.

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