Summary: Not only we want to be in His presence but we want to STAY in His presence.

How to constantly stay in God’s presence: 2004

-One day in the house of the Lord is better than thousand years in the world.

-Not only we want to be in His presence but we want to STAY in His presence.

-Only constantly live in the presence of God, we can live a life worthy of our calling.

-Only constantly live in the presence of God, we can live in our fullest!!

1. Remind yourself of all the experience you had in Him

It’s to easy for us not to remember what He has done for us. Especially in tough time..

Exo 13: 9,16

Israelites, when they face tough times, they react it as if they never see the sea being parted, manna….

Here you see how God wants the Israelites to remember what He has done to them. God is so serious that He even set days apart for them just to remember & think about His provision over Israelites.

So the 1st thing that helps you to stay in God’s presence is to remember what He has done for you.

Remember who He is to you, remember His character.

His character is slow in anger, rich in unfailing love & faithfulness!!

By doing this, it will create a grateful heart in you, the you will not take God for granted, take His blessing for granted in your lives.

Prov 7: 2,3

One of the way that really helps you to remember is not just to think in your mind, your mind can’t remember all the things all the time!!

In Prov 7 tells us that we need to write them down!!

Example: My spiritual dairy

Read it again and again when you are discourage, down, remind yourself and refocus your mind.

Remind yourself what God has did for you, count His blessing, sometimes you might realize it’s so much that you take it as usual, just like Israelites, they don’t remember red sea, manna…

Tel your neighbor: must write down neighbor

2. Renew your mind daily

Listen, this is so important!! Our mind is a very important part of our body. This is where we reason, this is where we made decision, and this is where the battle field is!!

This is where doubt 1st attack of all your body parts, this is also where fear, -ve thoughts 1st comes in.

That’s why it’s important to fill your mind with the word of God. The word of god is powerful, it will break the bondage of fear, it will overcome all –ve thoughts.

Rom 12: 1,2

Here we see God transform you by changing the way you think.

It got to start form here.

3 ways that helps you to renew your mind:

1. Read

2. Meditate

3. Memorize

The bible says Holy spirit will remind you. What you are doing constantly is like a computer…in storing the truth into your mind…

When temptation comes, trials comes, Holy Spirit will remind you, then you will have the strength to go through!!

Psalm 1: 2,3

This is what I will do, I check what I think, I scan my mind often, so that I would know what is going through inside, what is driving me. The more time you spent to think of something, it speaks to you how important is that to you!! So if you realize you are not thinking about God for the whole day, then you need to start doing something.

Example: write down bible verse, memorize it…use it, encourage people with it, pray using it…

Your thought sometimes can be very deceitful, feelings can be deceitful, that’s why we need to renew our mind.

Example: ….

3. Restore the joy of your salvation

Gen 22

The love of the father is always salvation right at the beginning of the bible.

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