3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To show why we should immediately respond to God’s Word in convicting us of Sin.


MARK 14:66-72

Thesis; To show why we should immediately respond to God’ Word in convicting us of Sin.

1. In this rapidly changing world some things are now as they were two thousand years ago. Roosters still crow!

a. Early peaceful mornings on the farm awaken by crowing roosters.

b. Times in Gospel meetings when I was trying to sleep and a crowing rooster would keep me awake.

2. There was a rooster that crowed the made a deep impression on the apostle Peter.

a. Jesus had predicted that Peter would deny Him 3 times before the cock crew. [MK 14;27-31]

b. Peter did exactly what Jesus said He would do!

3. There will probably be times in our lives when we will deny Jesus. [OH NO NOT ME!]

a. If Peter could deny Jesus then we surely can too. [Luke 22; 31-34]

i. Peter could confess the Lord while amongst the disciples.

ii. It was in a hostile crowd that He denied Jesus.

iii. How did Peter try to confirm the denial? “CURSED AND SWORE” [MK 14;71]

b. The denial may be by deeds or actions.

4. There may be things that would touch us the way the crowing rooster touched Peter. {Note;….”and Peter called to mind”}

a. Matthew stated, “Peter remembered the word which Jesus had said.” [Matt 26;75](LK says basically the same thing. LK 22;61)

b. John only states the Peter denied and the cock crew [John 18;25-27]

5. This lesson will deal with 3 of the things that may be to us what the rooster was to Peter.

The conscience.

1. The Bible says much about the conscience.

a. One purpose of Christianity is to endow us with a good conscience [1 Tim. 1;5]

b. There is a reason to hold the faith and a good conscience. [1 Tim 1;19]

c. Deacons are to hold the faith in a pure conscience [1 Tim 3;9]

d. A branded or seared conscience. [1 Tim 4;2]

e. Paul served God in a pure conscience. [2 Tim 1;3]

2. The stem of our English word “conscience” is “science” ==TO KNOW!

a. Conscience is a “knowing with” ourselves.

b. It is the inborn capacity for self-knowledge.

3. When we violate what we believe to be wrong the conscience becomes a type of “Crowing Rooster” to remind us of the Lord’s word.

4. How shall we cope with a conscience that condemns us? [ 1 John 3:20]

a. We can deny the faith. (cf. 1 Tim 1:19)

b. We can persist in the action until the conscience becomes seared. [1 Tim 4:2]

c. We can be prodded to penitence, as was Peter.

God’s Word

1. God’s word is a “discerner”, critic, of thoughts and intentions of the heart. [Heb. 4:12]

2. There is convicting power in God’s word.

a. Nathan to David. {2 Samuel 12:1-7, The Prophet’s word was to David the “crowing rooster”}

b. People on Pentecost were convicted by God’s Word. [Acts 2:36-37]

c. Governor Felix. {Made Felix Tremble!} [Acts 24:25]

3. Sometimes congregations can drift away.

a. Holy Spirit said “remember- repent and do….” [Rev 2;5]

b. Church at Laodecia. [Rev 3:19,20] (for as many as I love I rebuke and chasten)

c. Hebrews were told to remember former days. [Heb 10:32]

4. God’s word becomes a spiritual safeguard for the soul.

5. The Word may come to us:

a. In a Bible class.

b. In a sermon.

c. In a book that quotes the Bible.

d. In a personal teaching by a friend.

In a Tragedy of Life

1. Jesus was involved in a farce of a trial.

a. The trial of Jesus reveals the worst side of Mankind.

b. The indignities heaped upon Jesus- the slaps, the blows, the way He was spit upon, and blasphemed.

c. In this setting Peter heard the rooster crow.

2. The death of a loved one or friend.

a. Better to go to a house of mourning. [ Eccl. 7:1]

b. Teach us to number our days. [Psalm 90:12]


1. How did Peter cope with the crowing rooster?

a. He could have desired to kill him!

b. However, that would not have solved his problem.

2. Peter was moved to repent! [2 Cor 7:10]

3. The “crowing roosters” in our lives should cause us to remember and repent.

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