Summary: This message encourages us on how to deal with people who mistreat us.


A) The common tendency when we are mistreated is to seek revenge!

* I think of a despondent woman walking along the beach when she saw a bottle on the sand.

* She picked it up and pulled out the cork, and Whoosh ... A big puff of smoke appeared.

* “You have released me from my prison,” the genie told her.

* “To show my thanks, I grant you three wishes ... But take care, for with each wish, your mate

will receive double of whatever you request.” * “Why?” the woman asked.

* “That bum left me for another woman ... He lied to me and deceived me.”

* “That is how it is written,” replied the genie.

B) The woman shrugged and then asked for a million dollars!

* There was a flash of light, and a million dollars appeared at her feet.

* At the same instant, in a far-off place, her wayward husband looked down to see twice that

amount at his feet. * “And your second wish?”

* “Genie, I want the world’s most expensive diamond necklace.”

* Another flash of light, and the woman was holding the precious treasure.

* And, in that distant place, her husband was looking for a gem broker to buy his latest bonanza.

C) “Genie, is it really true that my husband has two million dollars and more jewels than I do,

and that he gets double of whatever I wish for?”

* The genie said it was indeed true! * “Okay, Genie, I’m ready for my last wish,” the woman said.

* The Genie said, “OK, what is it?” * The woman said, “Scare me half to death.”

D) If anybody was ever mistreated it was Joseph!

* Our text, Genesis 40, is the third account of mistreatment Joseph experienced.

* He had been forsaken by his brethren, framed by Potiphar’s wife, and now he is forgotten by the

Butler! * He was hated by his brothers, harassed by his boss’s wife!

* I doubt that there are few among us that has not been mistreated in one form or another by either

family or friend! * As you know, the hurt and pain of being mistreated goes deep!

* I confess to you that one of the most disappointing things I have encountered in the ministry, is to

have those I have loved and helped, those whom I have been there when they needed me .......

* To turn on me and attack me either privately and publicly, to my face or behind my back!

* There have been times when those I had done the most for, did the most to hurt me!

E) How do we deal with mistreatment?

* As I said, if anyone was ever mistreated it was Joseph! * How did he deal with his mistreatment? * Let’s look at how he dealt with all the mistreatment he experienced.


* When we read each account of Joseph’s mistreatment, you do not find one hint or suggestion that

Joseph was ever bitter about what happened.

* In spite of all that happened to him, he kept his heart free from bitterness!

A) Notice Gen.37:24, 28 ... His brothers forsook him, yet he did not become bitter!

* Notice Gen. 39:19-20 ... Potiphar’s wife framed him, yet he did not become bitter!

* Notice Gen.40:14, 23 ... The Butler forgot him ... Still he didn’t allow bitterness to fill his heart!

* Bruce Goodrich was being initiated into the cadet corps at Texas A & M University.

* One night, Bruce was forced to run until he dropped, but he never got up.

* Bruce Goodrich died before he even entered college.

B) A short time after the tragedy, Bruce’s father wrote this letter to the administration, faculty,

student body, and the corps of cadets:

* “I would like to take this opportunity to express the appreciation of my family for the great

outpouring of concern and sympathy from Texas A & M University and the college community

over the loss of our son Bruce.

* We were deeply touched by the tribute paid to him in the battalion.

* We were particularly pleased to note that his Christian witness did not go unnoticed during his

brief time on campus.”

C) Mr. Goodrich went on: “I hope it will be some comfort to know that we harbor no ill will in

the matter ... We know our God makes no mistakes.”

* “Bruce had an appointment with his Lord and is now secure in his celestial home.

* When the question is asked, “Why did this happen?” perhaps one answer will be, “So that many

will consider where they will spend eternity.”

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Spencer Miller

commented on Jul 25, 2012

As a minister I have through the years received mistreatment from other ministers. For a while I lived with bitterness because as mentioned I rehearsed in my mind what they had done to me until God showed me that it was all to His glory and only now am I able to pray for those who have mistreated me. "Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host..." -Maya Angelou

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