Summary: Ways to overcome challenges and keep enjoying life.

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We’re beginning a new series today on Loving the Life You Live.

Don’t you love those times in life when you are really enjoying God’s blessings and experiencing God’s joy? Don’t you just love it when you love the life you live?

Then there are those other times, times when life is challenging, when it’s drudgery and hard work. When you have to search for happiness.

It is commonly reported that depression affects 16-18 million Americans each year! We’re not talking about a rainy day feeling; we’re talking about a serious condition.

It ought to concern all of us that so many people have a difficult time enjoying life. And we don’t need to judge depressed people. Any number of things can weigh a person down to the point that they lose hope. And even those of us who aren’t depressed have to admit that there are times when we struggle with maintaining happiness.

The good news is that God’s Word gives you insights into your human condition and offers you tremendous help to deal with your battle to stay encouraged!

The Scriptures teach that God intends for you to enjoy life! You don’t have to let life’s challenges overwhelm you. God wants to help you face life with confidence and enthusiasm! He wants you to be encouraged and He wants you to experience a happy life!

I’m not preaching that you won’t experience any trouble if you follow Christ. I’m saying God wants to help you stay encouraged in spite of your trouble.

There are many verses of Scripture that teach that God wants you to have joy and enjoy life. Let me remind you of a couple. We could read many others.

"God…richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment." 1 Timothy 6:17b (NLT)

You don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying God’s blessings. That’s what He gives them to you for!

And in John 10:10 (NLT), Jesus said, "I came to give life -- life in all its fullness."

If we’re going to experience God’s joy and fullness we’re going to have to overthrow the things that compete for our love for life, things like doubt, fear and guilt.

So we’re going to open this new series today on "Loving the Life You Live" by first of all learning what the Bible says about "How to Encourage Yourself."

I want to talk to you over the next several weeks on issues like believing in yourself and forgiving yourself and loving yourself but we’re going to begin by learning how you can encourage yourself in God.

Today we’re just going to lay some foundational principles, some general principles on Loving Life. It starts with being able to handle the rough spots. What do you do when dark days confront you? How do you stay encouraged?

Perhaps no one in the entire Bible is a greater example of being able to encourage himself in God than David. When you read some of his Psalms you are amazed that he starts writing a song while he’s discouraged and ends the same song encouraged! He learned how to see the light in dark days.

We’re going to check out a few pages of David’s biography from a time when it was hard for him to love life. We’re going to consider one particular incident when mega-stress confronted David, one day when problems piled up even before solutions to his previous problems presented themselves.

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Rev. Suzan Laurenceau

commented on Feb 17, 2014

it is possible to shrten your sermon give place to discussion in a small church . this modele cannot applied for a large church assembly the suggestion one of the pastor offer for the after church service is the best one I am still eondering how will you be able to have people stay in after a sunday service.

S Rouse

commented on Aug 4, 2014

The writer seems to imply that depression has something to do with being unhappy...much like the fellow who when asked how he is, replies,"I am too blessed to be depressed". Depression has nothing to do with being unhappy and certainly has nothing to do with the lack of blessing from God. Depression, like heart disease and cancer(I have been treated for all three) is a clinical condition and those that do not realize that fact have a very hard time ministering to those who suffer from it.

Nerony Tui

commented on Aug 24, 2014

thank you for the word of encouragement

Jerry Carter

commented on Oct 31, 2014

THANKS I enjoyed it

Eranga Florence

commented on Apr 2, 2015

your words really inspired me' thanks alot

Poder Dejesus

commented on Apr 18, 2016

Thank you! In my life I have seen too many trials and tribulations. As a Veteran let go on Veterans Day, In health told I have diabetes but only given meds, being neighborly in a neighborhood of not very nice people and now I have lost my home, my job, my retirements to the concocked IRS . I ask for help but told too bad -I would appreciate your prayers for I am a Christian, no criminal record, Degreed, with countless certifications, Senior, father and hoping God will reveal himself in me and keep me in HIS will as I recover from this endless evil circumstances. Thank you.

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