Summary: How to end your day with God and sleep sweetly

Will your day end in fellowship with God?

Are you still right with God walking in total forgiveness and free from care? Or did one of these things happen during the day to separate you from God?

Did somebody do or say something or not do something that offended you?

Did you do something or say something that you shouldn’t have and it defiled you?

Did a circumstance or the possibility of one arise, over which you are now fretting?

Will you now try to go to sleep separated from God, or will you do one or more of these few simple things to be reconciled with God and to be restored to peace?

From the heart and overruling all feelings, in Jesus name, will you forgive whoever it was who offended you? Including re-forgiving anyone from the past if by unwisely thinking about what they did you again fell into offense toward them?

Will you confess to your Father and forsake anything you shouldn’t have done or said and believe that He has, for Christ’s sake Who bore that sin, forgiven you?

Will you deliberately cast the care of any troubling situation or person in your life over on God, resting fully on God’s promise that He will take care of you?

Will you give God a little time right now to shed light on and unravel, by His Spirit and by His words, any perplexing issues that have arisen during the day, so that you don’t go to sleep in captivity to confusion?

Are you willing to increasingly do these basic essentials of the Christian life during the day, as events happen, so that nothing can separate you from your Father?

Evening prayers: Being right with Him, will you allow God to use you to pray for others?

Ps 55:17 Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, And He

shall hear my voice.

Eph 6:18 Praying always with all the Spirit...for all saints;

Will you pray, in faith, out loud, and from your heart (in, and led by, God’s Spirit) not just for those dear to you, but for those dear to God, for all of His saints, along these lines?

1. My Father in heaven, I revere Your holy word, I ask in Jesus name that Your kingdom continue to come, grow, expand and have dominion over more people on this earth. And that Your will be increasingly done, as it is in heaven, in the hearts and lives of a growing number of true believers (saints, disciples, living stones). I ask that Your words continue to come forth from Your mouth, but more abundantly, to accomplish what You please and to prosper in everything You send them to do; and that they do not return to You void. In particular, Your words on the sanctification of the body of Christ and the need for every Christian to live permanently in You. Thank You.

2. My Father, I ask You in Jesus name to continue to guard, protect, keep safe, heal, revive, restore and reconcile every living stone throughout the world, who are willing to allow You to love them in this way. Whether they are now sanctified, once were or are destined by You to be. I ask that You preserve every saint from all hurt, harm, evil and evil spirits; preserve us blameless in spirit, soul and body. Thank You.

3. My Father, I ask You in Jesus name, to make every living stone (saint) throughout the earth, to increase and abound in Your love; continue to sanctify us with Your truth, Your word is truth. So that all of our hearts may be blameless in holiness before You, with godliness and reverence towards You, right now, and continuing up until the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ with all of His saints. Thank You.

4. (If you have suffered any loss) My Father, I ask You in Jesus name, that You avenge me of my adversary. And with respect to those who have walked away from You, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ would shine again into their hearts, that You would grant them repentance to their acknowledging Your truth, to restore them to a full salvation, through sanctification, unto eternal life. Thank You.

5. My father, I ask You in Jesus name, to establish Your Church, Your new Jerusalem, in Christ. And make us a praise unto You, in the land of the righteous, throughout all the earth, so that the world may know who You are. Thank You and amen.

Evening worship: Will you give God thanks for His blessings to you all through today?

Ps 42:8 May the LORD show his constant love during the day, so that I may have a song at night, a prayer to the God of my life. TEV

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