Summary: Tragedy reminds us that sin is universal, life is uncertian and repentance is urgent.


Luke 13:1-5

A. Jesus categorically rejects the idea that there is necessarily a relationship between sin and suffering in a person’s life.

1. We should note that Jesus offers no other explanation for why these things happen. He only tells why they did not happen.

2. There are two possible reasons why Jesus didn’t tell us why these tragedies occurred.

a. Human evil

b. Human error

3. We must not blame God for what people do. People have free choice and free will.

4. I believe that the main reason that he didn’t give an answer to the question was they were asking the wrong question. The key question is not: "Who is the worst sinner?" OR "Why has this happened? BUT "Am I ready to meet God?" NOTE the text: "Except you repent, you will all likewise perish."

5. We may never know why something happens, but God can still use it to give us a spiritual "wake-up" call.

B. This unexpected and unexplained tragedy should remind us that sin is universal.

1. Eccl. 7:20

2. Romans 3:22-23

C. This unexpected and unexplained tragedy should remind us that life is uncertain.

1. James 4:13-14

2. Sudden death can come to any of us. That fact alone should remind us to be ready to meet God today.

D. This unexpected and unexplained tragedy should remind us that repentance is urgent.

1. All tragedy should be a warning to us.

2. Tragedy often shakes and awakes. It shakes our self-confidence and awakens our God-consciousness.

3. Repentance is not optional ... It is essential.

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