Summary: There’s nothing wrong with falling if you just know how. Then get back up.

Have any of you ever experienced Failure?

Not a littl one either---I mean a good failure?

When I read about the disciples, I’m always encouraged

When I read about Peter, I feel really encouraged

Peter always said the wrong thing at the wrong time

Let’s talk about “What to do about failure?”

First time I went snow skiing. Getting on lift- Got on skis---took off--I didn’t know how to stop


Took Lessons finally,

The instructor said, “I’m going to teach you how to fall.”

I thought, "I already know"

So let’s learn:

How to fall, how to get back up, how to keep from falling again

That’s what Jesus wants to teach us.

John 18:1-11



1. All of us blow it

Peter had promise he would never deny Him

Have you ever made a promise to God we didn’t keep

God never breaks his promise

I do though-

Not eat so much

Get up early and pray- all spiritual people pray early-

I tried that and fell asleep

Matthew 14:26


16:13-18- Even after a moment of breakthrough- You can still blow it

16:21-23- "Don’t talk like that Lord, It scares all the boys"


“Then Peter answered” no one asked him anything

God had to shut him up

All of us blow it many, many times

John 13:5-10

When God says it’s enough, it’s enough

We have to learn to quit stating our case to God

Matt 26:30-35

Blowing it Hurts- When we say something wrong we feel stupid

When break a promise to God= we hurt

Luke 22:57-62

Luke 22:31-32- Why would Satan want Peter- He saw, what God saw--A mighty man of God

Who stood up at Pentecost

Silver and Gold

There is no other name under heaven

Laid sick in street, so his shadow would touch

Who did they call when a lady died

So when you think Satan’s after you

That might not be a bad thing

Maybe You’re worth sifting

God doesn’t see today- he sees tomorrow

And the more you blow it, the more potential you have

Only risk takers fail-

But only people that fall, know how to get up

Satan knows that===That’s why he’s trying to keep you down

Mark 16:1-7

Jesus told that angel, Peter’s hurting and he might not come, but you make sure he comes

The more times you blow it seeking Jesus, the more he sees you

"Though a righteous man may fall 7 times, he gets back up."

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