Summary: To lead the people to know how they can trust Christ as their Savior for the forgiveness of their sins and find assurance of salvation

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Unit 16 – Deliverance From Egypt

Lesson 47 – What Other Deliverance? – Lessons on Salvation

Preparation for the Teacher

1. Aim: To lead the people to know how they can trust Christ as their Savior for the forgiveness of their sins and find assurance of salvation.

2. Explanation of the Aim: Jesus once taught His disciples how few people actually make the right decisions enabling them to go to heaven. Our Lord Jesus said,

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matt. 7:13,14)

This does not mean that it is difficult to become a Christian but that there is only one way to eternal life and that is by placing saving faith in Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. Very few people make correct decisions for Christ during their lifetimes and so decide to spend eternity in hell.

Illustration: Every forty seconds, approximately 100 people die on the earth. 32% of those 100 people are traditional religionists, secularists or atheists. 20% of those 100 individuals are Muslims. 15% are Hindus who mainly reside in India. 5% come from Buddhist religious groups. 28% come from all types of Christian religions. Of the 28% representing Christians 16% come from Roman Catholic religious views. 12% of Christians represent all Protestants, but only half of Protestants are born again Christians according to John 3:3.

Jesus statement was exactly correct because approximately a mere 6% of the six billion people on the earth are on their way to heaven while the rest will go to hell.

It is imperative that we learn how to find eternal life through saving faith in Jesus Christ. Moreover, it is vital that we learn how to lead others to faith in Christ so they will not have to endure eternal torment in hell.

3. The Bible Story: To be delivered from sin, hell and eternal judgement we must trust Christ as the substitutionary payment and forgiveness of our sins. It is by grace we are saved through faith and not by our own efforts. Salvation is a free gift of God and cannot be earned through good works. Let us explore some of the key verses in the New Testament that teach us how to find eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

4. Prepare to Teach: The INTRODUCTION is to be used to find out if all the people know how to become a born-again Christian. Ask one child to briefly share how they would lead a friend to find salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Allow other people to add or make corrections to the presentation. Allow a child to share their testimony of how they became a Christian.

The BIBLE STORY seeks to explore key verses in the New Testament that teaches us what are essential requirements for personal salvation.

The MEANING FOR OUR LIVES allows the people to make applications from the lesson. Find out if there are any people who are yet to know where they will spend eternity – in heaven or hell. Lead the willing people in a prayer so they can trust Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and invite Him into their heart. (Rev. 3:20) Allow some of the people to explain how they know that they have assurance of salvation. Let one of the people explain how they might lead another person to faith in Christ.

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