Summary: Sometimes in life we find ouselves in pits of God’s design, they are to serve a purpose but they are not to become our places of residence.

How to get out of the pit

Psalm 40: 1-3

There are many instances of where people find themselves in a pit

Joseph was throw in a pit by His evil brothers

Absalom was thrown in a pit

There are times when you need to go into a pit to kill an enemy as was the case of Benaiah

Some times that you fall into a pit of your own making

Sometimes you fall in a pit that you may have dug for others

And sometimes it is just Gods will that you are found in pit

Even though that may be true

I don’t believe that it is Gods will for you to be a pit dweller

Has it occurred to you that the pit is not to be your permanent address?

For some of us we’ve been down so long we believe that were are supposed to be down

There are three reasons for a pit in scripture

1. Correction

2. Protection

3. Perfection

What is also true in scripture is that you don’t go to stay

II. How do you know if you are a pit-dweller?

Does your midday seem like midnight?

Do you feel alone and abandoned?

Do you feel like God doesn’t hear you?

Do you feel like no matter how you try you can’t get ahead?

Do you feel like you have more bills that money?

Do you feel like the whole world is caving in on you?

III. And you go through life trading one pit for another

Here a pit, there a pit everywhere a pit, pit

IV. How do you get out?

a. You get your mind Right

b. Rid yourself of the pit mentality

V. Cry out .1

VI. Release the Pit .2

VII. Celebrate .3

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Martha Theresa Lowe

commented on Dec 1, 2015

I am not sure what was I suppose to do, but I have been seeing a vision like I am in a pit.

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