Summary: We often allow the pain of our past to continue to rule us in our present and predetermine our future. Where you are now is not where you have to stay.

There exist in this world in which we live a countless number of hurting, injured, abused and dysfunctional people that are living a virtual life of the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Those of you that are old enough may remember that movie that was released in 1968.

The plot was based upon a story of aliens that possessed the bodies of living people and turned them into zombies. They walked and appeared normal at first glance but were really out of control. They were in fact controlled by some unseen force of darkness that determined there every thought and subsequent action. This force made their decisions for them.

In the movie, those that were chosen by these invaders became the unwilling but yet victimized members of the horrendous clan of the “Living Dead”.

I’ve come to learn from my own life experience that anyone can become a victim of an unseen forces and have their lives invaded and controlled to such an extent that they can appear alive on the outside but be quite dead on the inside. As a result of this dark spiritual/emotional invasion, their life’s vision has become blurred, their joy has become jilted and their normal demeanor has been devastated.

Out of all of the things that exist that can be used against a person to undermine them in their purpose, life plan and destiny, it would be

encouraging that same person to be held hostage in their right now by the pain of their past.

I might have been much further along in accomplishing my life dreams and in the fulfilling of the vision for my life with its peace, power and prosperity had it not been for those things that took place in my past that have crippled me, if not in my body then surely in my mind.

When a person has been broken by the neglect of another the scars left behind on the inside are far more numerous and unsightly than the ones that are seen on the outside. The scars that are the most painful reminders of the terror of past hurts, pain and traumas are the ones that attach themselves to the mind. Many who have been afflicted by the demons of there past remain infected by the pain of abuses inflicted upon them by people that they trusted and are still haunted and affected in there right now.

This is so because they are still struggling in their minds and hearts with the pandemonium and peril of a pitiful past. The mind can be tormented by memories of having been battered and blistered by the burden of brokenness.

The Holy Spirit has told me to tell you Beloved that your past predicament need not be a precursor for your present choices. If the truth be told, many of us find it difficult to get past our pain.

We often allow the pain of our past to continue to rule us in our present and predetermine our future. That’s not a good place to be. Struggling to breathe in today air while still choking on yesterday toxins. Driving in the present looking through the rearview mirror of the past. Again, your present predicament does not have to be a predictor of your future.

Where you are now is not where you have to stay. But many of have stated if not verbally certainly in some of the choices that we’ve made,“I’m stuck in my pain; my past, and my thinking. As a matter of fact when I think about what happened to me I start to hurt all over again. Tell me please, HOW DO I GET PAST MY PAIN”?

In the text we find a young man by the name of Mephibosheth who was harmed while still a little child under another’s care. (2 Sam 4:4) He should have become a king but now he’s a broken and crippled person that is suffering because of his grandfather’s

disobedience. This is a picture of a typical family afflicted by dysfunction. (Elaborate)

1. Make a decision to forgive the person who has hurt you. (2 Samuel 4:4)

A. Holding on to your anger keeps you in your pain.

B. Make a decision to move beyond the experience.

“forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

C. Let go of it because by holding on to it, the pain of it will continue to hold on to you.(The woman haunted by the spirit of infirmity for 18 years)

1. Make a decision to forgive the person who has hurt you.

2. Make a determination to get honest about where you are. (Lodebar “No pasture & a place of no

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