Summary: 3rd in a series of messages from Joshua dealing with living a victoriuos Christian life

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Sermon by: Dr. Todd Morris

Text: Joshua 3:1-6; 14-17

Title: How to Get Past Your Jordan

Date: January 4, 2004

Introduction: Because of their unbelief, Israel was sentenced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Those years have now expired and the children of Israel are poised to enter Canaan Land. They are ready to claim their inheritance in the land of promise. However, before they can enter Canaan, they must first get by the one final, major obstacle: the Jordan River. Normally, this would not have presented much of a problem, since the Jordan is only 100 feet wide at Gilgal where they crossed. However, it seems God always does things in such a way that no man can boast of having done it on his own. You see, God brought them to Jordan at the time of harvest (4:15). Those who have been there during the time of Harvest tell us that during that time it swells to an impassable width of 1 mile! It was over 50 times wider than it normally would have been when Israel arrived. There was no way they could cross this river on their own! They needed spiritual help.

Beloved, each of us has Jordans in our lives that we must face from time to time. When we look at the obstacles that stand between us and our spiritual victory, we may feel that we will never be able to enter our spiritual Canaan and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus promises His followers. Well, its true that I don’t know what kind of obstacles you face in your spiritual life, but I do know a God who specializes in the overwhelming and in leading His children to victory.

This morning I want us to look into this account of Israel as they got past their Jordan. As we do, I would like to offer you some hope as well. You see, the things that worked for them 3000 years ago will still work for you and me today. Allow me to show you from chapters 3 and 4 How To Get Past Your Jordan. There are three steps that we must make in order to guarantee that we will be able to get past our obstacles and enter our Canaan. Let me share these steps with you this morning.


A. It Involved a Challenge (3-4)

1. Watch God

2. Follow God

3. Honor God

B. It Involved a Command (5)

C. It Involved a Commitment (9-13)


A. There Was A Problem (15b) – 1 mile wide and 2million people had to cross.

B. There Was A Plan (15) – The priests were to lead the way, and the people were to follow.

C. There Was A Performance (16-17) – God fulfilled His promise


A. The Purpose of the Memorial (6-7; 21-24) – to remind those that follow that God is faithful.

B. The Picture of the Memorial (9, 20) – On one bank of Jordan

1. Joshua erected a testimony to the faithfulness of God.

2. Israel couldn’t see the other monument, it was in the middle of the river, and only God could see it. But the Israelites knew it was there, and God knew it was there; it was a monument to the faithfulness of the people.

Conclusion: Some of you are facing troubled waters this morning. I want you to know that you can cross over! I invite you to come before God this morning. Tell Him about the Jordan you are facing and allow Him to get you safely over your Jordan and into the promised land He has for you. There is a place of victory where you can shout in spite of your troubles. The first step to getting there is dealing with what is keeping you out; your Jordan. It may be sin, it may be some person, it may be some trial, but whatever it is, God is greater than it is. Come and let Him take care of it for you.

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