Summary: This sermons seal with the princples and characteristics of living a happy life

How to Have a Happy New Year

Matthew 5:1-12

As we start our New Year, we all want it to be happy. We tell people to have a happy New Year. This should be our desire for others and us. But, how do we have a happy New Year? Is there anything that we can do to have a happy New Year? Are there any principles that we can follow to have the happiness that we all desire. I can tell you that there are principles set in the word of God to allow us to have happiness. The principles are found in the first part of what we call the Sermon on the Mount and these are called the Beatitudes.

Beatitudes is the Latin word for happiness, joyful and blessed. Today we are going to see how we can all have a happy New Year. In this, we are going to see there are some Inner Principles and some Outward Characteristics of not only a happy New Year but also a Happy Life.

I. The inner principles of a happy Christian life. 5:3-6

A. The first inner principle for happiness is being poor in Spirit.

1. What does it mean to be poor in spirit?

a. It does not have anything to do with your financial situation.

b. It does mean spiritual bankruptcy.

NOTE: It means that we can do nothing without God. When we know that we are totally and unconditionally dependent on God, we are then poor in spirit. The New English Bible translates this verse like this “Blessed are those who know their need of God.”. One author writes, “The poor in Spirit recognize that they have nothing and they are nothing in themselves. They are therefore more keenly aware of their dependency on God.” (Seeking the Kingdom P. 21).

A perfect Illustration for this is found in Luke 18:9-14. This is where the Pharisee and the Tax Collector are praying. As the Pharisee is praying, he tells God how great he is. He proclaims his self-righteousness. He never acknowledges his need for God. The Tax Collector did not even go to the front of the building and did not even look up to God. He beat his breast and acknowledged his need for God’s mercy.

2. The result of being poor in spirit.

NOTE: “When we are poor in spirit we are given the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the rule of God. To possess this rule means that the believer will share in all the benefits of God’s reign.” (The Good News from Matthew, p.37)

B. The second inner principle for happiness is to be in morning. (Sad or unhappy)

NOTE: It seems ironic that in order to be happy you must first be sad.

1. There are three types of mourning.

a. Improper Mourning: This is mourning over something that is sinful or wrong. This is when one mourns about not getting his way.

b. Proper Mourning: This is mourning is over the loss of a loved one. This type of mourning brings healing to the soul. If a person does not mourn during these times, there will be other problems later in life.

c. Godly Mourning: This is mourning over sin. This is mourning over the lost condition of the world. This is mourning over the evil and the ungodliness in the world.

NOTE: When is the last time that we have cried for the people in the world how are going to hell? When is the last time you have cried for your family members who are lost and going to hell? When is the last time we mourned for them?

2. The result of mourning is comfort.

a. Those who mourn over their own sin will be comforted at the cross of Christ.

b. Those who mourn for the lost will see some of them come to Christ.

c. Those who mourn over the evil and satanic nature of the world will be comforted because there is a day coming when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all and to the Glory of the Father.

C. The third inner principle for happiness is Meekness, Gentleness, or Humbleness.

1. What is meekness?

Meekness means power under control, or bridled by gentleness. The ancient Greeks would say “meek as a lion.” Meekness is not weakness.

NOTE: Moses was called meek, David was called meek, Gideon was called meek, and Jesus was called meek, I would say that is good company.

2. The results of meekness. When one is meek they inherent the land, the earth. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were rewarded and inheritance of the promise land. Today we, who are Christians, have an inheritance. That is the Kingdom of God.

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