Summary: Seven steps that Paul provides on the book of Philippians on how to keep from falling. He calls them "safeguards".

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How to keep from falling

Philippians 3:1-16

Living in the Real World Series

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

1. Watch them dogs (3:1-6)

a. These were not household dogs, but street dogs

i. Three characteristics:

1. filthy

a. so were their motives

2. howl

a. so they are loud in their message

3. scavengers

a. so they are greedy

ii. Becareful of people with hidden agendas

1. the enemy will place people to take away what you got in Christ

Solution: Follow the Great Shepherd

2. Keep away from legalism

a. Legalism is substituting rules and regulation for your relationship with God

i. How do you do that?

1. Don’t rely on the flesh

a. The word “flesh” is describing human effort to achieve salvation

i. “circumcised” – rituals

1. first communion, holy water, doing the cross why walking by the church, ashes for ash Wednesday

ii. “of the nation of Israel” – Heritage

1. In many countries, if you are born there it is expected that you follow a certain religion

a. “born Christians?”

iii. “Hebrew of Hebrews” – religion

1. I am a….

iv. Pharisee – rules

1. church attendance, giving, good person…

v. “as to the righteousness which is in the Law, found blameless” - reputation

1. dignify, deacon, elder,

b. Legalist will try to mix grace + works = salvation

i. Grace alone, Christ alone, through faith alone

1. People who fall fail to rely on the power afforded to them through grace


3. Refocus your vision (v. 7-10)

a. Keep your priorities straight

i. People who fall have their priorities out of order

1. In setting priorities straight there are gains and losses

a. What are you afraid to give up for Christ?

b. There is more to Jesus than you already know

c. Look at your life

i. Evaluate to elevate

1. face your faults


4. Be Firm in your faith

a. Behind every shipwreck, Satan attacked the faith

5. Forget your failure (13b)

a. Isaiah 43:18:

i. You can either rehearsed it or release it (Luke 9:62)

ii. Why?

1. Because there is no condemnation that can stop the glorification

a. The very one whose law has been broken has already declared us “not guilty”

i. No opposition, no separation, no condemnation, and no accusation can stop your glorification

b. When the enemy shows you of your past, remind him of his future

i. It is time to proclaim, “Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you”

1. What Adam got me into, Jesus got me out of

a. If it wasn’t for the blood, I would not be here

i. You see God was not pacify, but he was satisfied in the death of his son for your sins

ii. Whatever the devil throws, it won’t work…because of the blood

6. Focus on your future

a. What is your finish line?

7. Finish with determination (v.14)

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