Summary: The tragedy of “Ho-Hum Christianity.”

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TEXT: Rev. 3:14-22

TOPIC: Ho-Hum Christianity

THEME: How To Keep Your Spiritual Fire Burning



1. I wish to address one of the greatest tragedies in the American Church. It is what I call the tragedy of “Ho-Hum Christianity.” The tragedy is a dry-eyed, half-hearted Church in a hell-bent nation.

2. There were seven churches in Asia-Minor, what we would call Turkey today. The Lord gave a message to these seven churches then and He is giving a message to our church today.

3. These seven churches speak to us prophetically. They show to us collectively the past and the future. These messages also speak to us practically. In my opinion, there is not a problem in the local church that is not somewhere addressed in these seven churches.

4. They also speak to us powerfully. This is the Word of God for us. God is asking, “Are you listening? He says, “He has ears let him ear.” This is not a message for your neighbor but to you.

5. These seven churches speak to us personally. God is going to hear us responsible for the truth we have heard or we would have heard if we had listened.

6. In chapter 1, Jesus is shown standing in the midst of seven candlesticks. In Mathew 18, Jesus taught “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Jesus is closer to you than the neighbors who are seating next to you. Would you act differently or pay attention more if Jesus Christ was literally sitting next to you?


It is the Greek Term that means to “vomit you” out of God’s mouth. There is sin that makes God sick. It is the sin of lukewarmness that makes God sick to his stomach.

What is lukewarmness? It is a little too cold to be hot and a little too hot to be cold; too hot to freeze and too cold to boil. God is not speaking to the atheist, the God-hater, or the agnostic. He is not speaking to those who have holy fire and holy zeal. He is speaking to the lukewarm Christian.

God is speaking to the warm dishwater Christian.

I do not want to hurt your feelings, but most of the members of this church fall into the lukewarm category.

How is lukewarmness manifested? There are at least 7 ways a Christian can have ho-hum Christianity.

A. Salvation (Hebrew 2:1)

B. Sanctification

Do you long to be holy? Do you have a burning desire to be as holy as a save sinner can be? In Mark 7:6, Jesus said that their hearts were far from him.

Is your heart far from God? You may not commit adultery but do you surf in wrong places on the Internet? You may not steal but do you pay your debts? Are you cold about holiness?

You may not commit adultery but do you watch programs that entertain adultery.

C. Service

How many teachers are truly burdened over their classes? Do you treat your responsibility with great dignity because your presentation is heard by God himself?

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David Buffaloe

commented on Sep 1, 2011

Appears to be plagarized from Adrian Roger''s sermon of the same name

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