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Thesis: God can take care of life's seemingly insurmountable problems.


1. The story of David & Goliath is perhaps one of the best-known stories in all the Bible.

a. Everybody knows it!

1) Pagans: sort of folk tale reminding that underdogs occasionally win.

2) Christians: one of those stories deeply ingrained in Bible School.

b. Illust. Everyone is familiar with it. Everyone knows how it turns out! Recently saw the 4-hour long movie Gettysburg. I knew how it was going to turn out! Went hoping maybe Pickett's Charge would work this time, but it ended the way I've heard it a thousand times!

2. Even though the story is familiar, it's worth a second look.

a. Not about underdogs, strength, or maneuverability in battle.

b. It is about how we serve a God who can take care of situations that appear to be hopeless.

c. This AM we're going to do two things:

1) Look at the story (1 Sam. 17).

2) See what it tells us about how to kill a giant.

I. THE STORY OF DAVID AND GOLIATH. < Standoff, verses 1-3 >

A. The Champion: Goliath (4-11).

1. Tall (4).

2. Strong (5-7).

3. Cocky (8-11).

a. Goliath made his challenge twice a day for 40 days (v. 16).

b. Illust. Imagine you're a reporter and your boss wants you to file a story every day. No problem for the first few days, then you're fishing for a story! Get monotonous real quick! Not much to do except measure Goliath's decibel levels.

c. Goliath's challenge does have a demoralizing effect on Israelite army--shaking in their boots (v. 11).

B. The Challenger: David (12-39).

1. Introduce David.

a. Youngest son of Jesse; tends sheep.

b. Three oldest brothers are in Saul's army.

c. Brings supplies back & forth from home.

2. When David comes into camp one day, things start happening:

a. He hears Goliath's challenge (22-24).

b. He is appalled at Israel's lack of faith (26).

c. He learns about Saul's incentive plan (27).

d. He is rebuked by his brother (28).

e. He offers to fight Goliath (32).

3. David is summoned before Saul.

a. Saul: "Only a boy!" David: "Lion/bear" (vv. 36-37).

b. Saul: "You need some armor!" David: Tries it on, says "No thanks!" and walks to stream & gets 5 smooth stones.

C. The Championship (40-54).

1. Goliath's taunt (41-44).

a. Illust. Soldiers have been doing this sort of thing for centuries. Remember Gulf War? While Iraq was waiting for Coalition Forces to attack, all sorts of rhetoric came out of Baghdad--"Sand will run red with your blood" & "Mother of all battles." Meant to intimidate.

b. Illust. Happens alot in sports--in football at the coin toss; in boxing at the weigh-in. Remember Muhammed Ali's "I'm going to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!"

2. David's response (45-47).

3. The whole battle probably lasted less than a minute . . .


A. We all have "giants" to face in life--seemingly insurmountable problems.

1. Maybe it's an addiction (alcohol, illicit drugs, sex).

2. Maybe it's a situation (job loss, mate unfaithful, sickness, children).

3. God is able to take care of stuff like that!


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Johnny Wilson

commented on Mar 26, 2009

I''ve often wondered if Saul didn''t want David to wear his easily recognized armor as sort of some misdirected PR. If so, it really backfired on him with "Saul has killed his platoons (elephs), David has killed his 10x platoons (elephs)." I liked your outline.

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