Summary: A sermon on how to hear God’s voice

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Lesson Topic: How to Listen to God (I Samuel 3:1-21)

Icebreaker: How do we know the voice of God?

Ministering and worshipping the Lord makes us receptive to hear a word from God (v.1). When you spend time with God, God will spend time with you. The bible says that if you draw closer to Him, he will be drawn closer to you. We are not merely to speak to God, but speak WITH God. God wants to speak into your life direction, correction and edification.

God is known for speaking to unlikely people at unlikely seasons of their lives (v.1). When you least expect it, God can speak to you. God is not bound by anything, other than his word. He will never contract his word.

Like the boy Samuel, we will encounter times in our lives having difficulty discerning the voice of the Lord (v. 4-8). If you are not used to hearing the voice of the Lord, you may find it difficult to discern when God is speaking to you. When in doubt, check to see if it matches the word of God. Jesus did say that “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27).

At times you will find the message to difficult to receive or give it (v. 15-17). It may first taste sweet to your mouth, but then turn bitter in your stomach when you have to share it.

But be assured that if the message is from God, it always has a purpose (v. 19-21). It not only has a purpose, but God will make sure that his word comes true (Jeremiah 1:12). The good news is that God’s blessings come upon those who listen to his voice (v. 19-21).

So how does God speak to us?

When the situation is not right, but God says “no”. We do not like it when God says “no”, but when he says “no”, he has a better way and something better for you that aligns with his will. We would be in a lot of trouble if God were to say “yes” to every prayer we have ever prayed.

When you are not right, God says “grow”. There are things God wants to give us, but he can’t until we grow in maturity and responsibility. Some blessings can be a curse if we are not able to handle it. Once you are ready for the blessings, God will give you what you need. Like a father, he wants to do what is needed with you.

When the time is not right, God says, “Go slow”. Remember, delay is not denial. Often God’s time clock is calibrated different than our impulsive, “I got it have it right now” attitude”. God is seldom early but NEVER late. Learn to be patience. When you move at God’s speed, you will always reach your destination on time!

When everything is right, God says “Go”. The God that you serve will open doors that no man can shut. Nothing can give a man or woman of God more confidence than when they know they making every decision based on what God says.

Discussion Question:

1. What has God been speaking into your life lately? How are you responding to what he is telling you? Does it match the word of God?

2. Which of the four of God’s responses is the most difficult for you to do? Why?

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