Summary: This message must change your life attitude and your destiny. The Devil has cheated many people into fearing death to the point of desperation, Now is the time to learn how to live and not die!

Also read Acts 2:24-31

1 Peter 3:19

Collosians 2:14-15

You see one day Jesus visited Peter and John as they were fishing, pray for God to visit you as you fend for your family, just lift up your hands to the lord and pray, say Lord pay me a visit, I desire that visit, visit me in giving me my daily bread, let your hand that doth valiantly be stretched foth to touch and lift me up, in Jesus name, Amen!The bible says Jesus visited them and they had caught nothing all night, for how long have you been toiling in your life and you’ve got nothing? He told them to cast into the DEEP. As I stand right now to preach the word into all corners of the world as Jesus commanded us to cast into the deep, the Devil is also casting into the deep, harvesting souls into hell.

Satan is cheating people into death, young people are lured into drugs and they get addicted, they die in drugs and the devil reaps their soul into hell.

A girl dies as a prostitute and the devil harvests her soul, Satan is using death as a tool to harvest sinners’ souls. People die singing world music and the devil is happy to harvest their souls. Some are drunkards, some are liers, some are conmen, let me tell if you die in sin the devil will harvest your soul. Some of you were told by the devil to let snakes suck your breasts, some make snakes their belts, some keep goblins and tikoloshis in your rooms, all forms of witchcraft if you will die today the devil is waiting to reap your soul into eternal damnation. Some of you are murderers, you kill for political reasons, passsionate killings, thuggery, hate killings you make the devil very happy because he will harvest your soul when you die! Death has become a tool for the devil to harvest souls!

The devil has no power to kill, but he has a good timing, when you are about to die he strikes, he encompasses you like bees. He wants you to die far away from God and he will harvest your soul, he wants you to die unprotected. He puts fear into you, he encompasses you. David says they encompassed me and quenched me like fire, yes the enemy does that to you in your life, he wants you dead! My freind you might be a criminal today and everyone is looking for you , you are hunted like an animal, the enemy has encompassed you sore; you are sick today lying there waiting to die, the enemy has encopmssed you and thrust you sore. Friend you are not the first one nor are you the last one. David was one of them like you, the enemy frustrated him so much until he cried in Psalm 118! Is your life in danger? Are you suffering today? My friend the devil is closing the net, its time to wake up!David woke up!!

David says although the enemy quenched me like the fire of thorns, IN THE NAME OF THE LORD I will destroy them, he declares I shall live and not die but will declare the marvelous works of the living God! The Lord has chastened me sore but has not given me over to death! Oh my!Here is an Easter promise for you my friend live and not die, because the lord has not given you over unto death! You may be suffering but God has not given you over unto death!, here is the cure to your death my friend, Jesus came here on earth, they bound him and crucified him, little did the enemy knew he was just fasttracking the story of our redemption, he made the first mistake (Matt 27: 64)!

This was the beginning of Easter, Jesus was not just dead! Work was being done in the spiritual realms! When he gave up His Ghost, His flesh did not rot, it didnt see corruption ( Acts 2:24-31), in fact He didnt die, He left his body to minister somewhere. 1 peter 3:19 says he went to a paradise where dead spirits and souls are kept and He preached to them and they heard him and repented, my friend let me tell you this today, the practice of ancestral worship is vanity because your ancestors heard this Gospel and they repented because spirit understand spirit more than you do! Dont worship the devil in the disguise of respecting or honoring the dead, there is nobody there, Jesus preached to them The bible says and all those righteos ones ressurected and were seen in the Holy city and were seen by many ( Matt 27:52-53)! Your ancestors who died sinners repented and are now Chrisrians my friend they are in New Jerusalem! The new Holy ciy.

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