Summary: How am I personally impacting my relatives and friends in their decision for Jesus Christ as the end of the world comes near?

A few weeks ago there was much talk about the end of the world because some “Christians” were so sure that the rapture, the taking away of Christians to heaven, was going to happen on May 21, 2011. Now, we are seeing billboards saying that according to the Mayans, the world will end by the Year 2012.

Before we learn from our text today, which is the end of the Book of Daniel, which speaks of the end of the world, let us note a couple of things from the future predictions of people.

The Mayans were people who came up with a calendar based on their own wisdom but also based it on God’s Creation, nature. The Mayans were very smart people but only partially right. The Mayans didn’t totally depend on God. Harold Camping, a very smart engineer, studied God’s Word and calculated a date for the rapture to happen on May 21, 2011! Harold Camping’s problem? – Harold Camping did not consider what the Lord Jesus Christ said that the time and the hour is only known by God the Father!

Watch out for people who get ahead of Jesus or the Bible!

And so, even before reading Daniel 12, let us note 2 important truths to live by:

1. Never completely trust the words of people.

What we need to do is involve God in everything, including our relationships with people!

2. Trust God’s Word completely not just portions of it!

Open your Bibles now to Daniel 12. But before reading, let us together pray our commitment to God’s Word……… Daniel 12:5-13…..

Verses 5-7 tell us that Daniel had a vision from God. Daniel saw at least 2 spiritual beings; v1 reads, “there before me stood 2 others, one on each bank of the river”.

But in v6 we note a man clothed in linen where??

Who do we know from the New Testament who walks on water? Jesus Christ Himself could have been the one answering the question “How long will the events of the end be?” And what was the answer of the man clothed in linen?

Length of time before the end of the world = a time, times, and half a time. What does this mean? What do we find in context of the passage? We read in v11, 1290 days and 1335 days. What do the number of days equal to based on the Jewish Calendar of 360 days per year?

1290 days = 3.5 years and 30 days!

1335 days = 3.5 years and 75 days! It still is confusing isn’t it? Can other passages in Daniel help us?

Turn back with me to Daniel 9:26-27; remember that a “seven” or a “week” is equal to 7 years…..

What do all these numbers mean?

Here’s what we can say for sure:

The end of the world will be preceded by 7 years of judgment on Israel and the Temple will be desecrated in the middle of that 7 years.

And so, an interpretation of time, times, and half a time can be 1 year plus 2 years plus half a year = 3.5 years, which is half of the last 7 years!

3.5 years = 1260 days = 42 months.

The 1290 days and 1335 days is hard to understand but if Jesus said it, I believe it! Wouldn’t you? And so based on this, there is something special that will happen in an additional 30 days (which makes 1260 days to 1290 days) and in an additional 45 days, which makes the 1290 days to 1335 days). Do we really need to know what will happen in those additional days?

If God doesn’t give us specific details THEN it is for God to decide what will happen in those additional days! This is a very important thing to remember! Allow God to be God! We don’t need to know everything AND God doesn’t have to tell us everything! God has given us everything we need! If God doesn’t give us specific details THEN it is for God to decide what will happen! God has given us enough instructions; are you and I completely following those instructions?? Why are we wasting time trying to figure out certain things when we already have work to do??

And so, what does God tell us will happen in the end?

1. Seven years of judgment on Israel.

2. In the middle of the last years, a ruler will cause abomination to Israel.

And look again at the end Daniel 12:7…….

3. God’s Chosen People (Israel) will finally be humbled. (v7b) God chose a people to bless, but they continued to be prideful and did not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their only Messiah.

Since Israel did not humble themselves to Jesus Christ, God has to humble them. How about you and me? Are we humbling ourselves before Jesus Christ?

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