Summary: This message will teach you how to overcome temptation in your life. Temptation is an enticement or an invitation to sin, or to solicit or provoke one to perform a sinful act againist God.

Two things about temptation, it will either make you or brake you. It is designed to destroy you, cause you to fall and ultimately separate you from God. Temptation involves the five senses which are to hear, feel, touch, see and taste.

1: Follow Instructions

A. Vs. 13 - Hold on the the instructions

B. Vs. 13 - Don’t forget the instructions

C. Vs. 13 - Instruction are the way of life

2. Be careful who you associate with

A. Vs. 14 - Don’t enter in the path of the wicked

B. Vs. 14 - Don’t associate yourself with evil people

3. Resisting Temptation

A. Vs. 15 - Avoid it

B. Vs. 15 - Turn away from it

C. Vs. 15 - Walk away from it

Conclusion: In James 1:12 the word says that the blessed man that endureth temptation, when tried, shall receive a crown of life, which is promised to them that love the Lord. Remember Satan can’t be in many places at the same time. He is NOT OMNI PRESENT. But he does have agents and they have am aim or target - sin, they have and administrator that is satan, there are consequences, that is DEATH. But Romans tells us "But the gift of God is eternal life". We do not have to succomb to temptation. Choose to succomb to the Holy Spirit.

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