Summary: How To See Into The God Realm

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How to See In the God - Realm - Part one

John 11:40

A. Have faith in God

1. Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as, "unquestionable belief; unquestioning belief in God; complete trust or confidence; loyalty; sincerity; honesty."

2. People can have faith in people, in things, or in ideologies. They find themselves trusting in these things, or in these persons, or in these ideas because they feel that they are indispensable.

3. Put your faith in God. It is a faith that will prosper you.

B. Have faith to see.

4. John 11:40 teaches that faith blessings are contingent upon gospel faith obedience.

a. Jesus only speaks in the faith realm.

5. God’s word always remains unchanged.

6. Those who have faith in God and obey his word through faith will experience life in the God-Realm.

7. Have you been asking God to move you into the God-realm in faith or are you just asking to ask?

8. Those who are seeing in the God - realm want to see it advance and increase.

C. How does your faith cause you to enter into the God - realm?

9. God has a established a sequence for entering the God - realm in Proverbs 3:5-6 - when you completely trust God with everything, view things with a God perspective, and magnify him in everything that we do, and he promises to lead us directly into the God - realm.

10. Make moving in faith a priority.

11. Ask yourself, "If God opens my eyes, how will his people, who still cannot see in this realm, be affected.

a. Check your heart for "self" or improper motives.

b. Why should God reveal God - Realm revelation knowledge to you if you’re not involved in revealing revelation knowledge to those in darkness?

c. There is a natural level of wisdom that can be reached without God; however, without him you can only go so far and do so much.

12. Moving in faith is hard on the flesh, because it challenges flesh and causes you to evaluate your motives for moving in this realm.

13. Where is your heart? It will be the determining whether or not you enter into this realm - Matthew 5:8.

a. When you heart is pure, you’ll be in tune with the anointing, which results in moving in faith.

14. David set his heart toward the things of God (I Chronicles 29:1-5).

a. David asked, "Who is willing to consecrate themselves toward the things of God?

b. Is your faith walk so strong to move you without confrontation from your flesh? Is it strong enough that you’ll go where you normally wouldn’t go, do what normally wouldn’t do?

D. Walking in faith requires a position.

15. If you change or shift your position (get out of the driver seat), relinquish our position to God, and he will build you up in this God - realm (Job 22:23)

16. God said if we put him in leadership of our lives, He’ll direct our paths. (Proverbs 3:6)

17. Making decisions in faith should be your first priority. Until God controls you, you will never

18. Moving in faith is the key to covenant alignment which is the key to abundance.

19. God honor’s us by leading us into the God-Realm where there is prosperity, and abundance of every good gift.

E. Entering into the God Realm through faith comes at a price.

20. Your faith level determines the altitude of your position in the God-realm.

a. When you are moving in faith, you are in His presence - where there is joy and pleasure (Psalm 16:11).

b. We always take Proverbs 13:22 out of context and believe that God will transfer wealth from out of the hands of the wicked and give it to anyone who is saved. However, God isn’t going to give to unprincipled, unfaithful, stingy people.

c. God is going to put wealth into the hands of people in the God - realm, talking in God - realm faith, moving in faith.

21. Fear keeps many people from doing what needs to be done.

a. Do you fear that God won’t do what he said?

b. Are you thinking in the natural, wondering how God will do it in the supernatural?

22. Every person has an opportunity to walk in faith.

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