Summary: A message that looks at the grandaddy of all upsets and uncovers several truths that will help us slay the gaints that are standing in the way of us being all God wants us to be.

How To Slay Your Giants

IN - February of 1980 I was in the Navy living in Saratoga Springs New York. 90 miles away in Lake Placid a group of 12 American amateur hockey players took the ice to face the toughest and best hockey team in the world, Russia’s national team. It was the Olympic games and two weeks prior to this game, the young American team was beat by the mighty Russians 12-2 in Madison Square Garden. But we all know what happened that night. The USA defeated the Russia’s 4-2 in one of the most stunning upsets in all of sports history. Most of us have seen the clip of the end of the game when as the clock winds down, the USA players begin their on ice celebration, and Al Michaels, the announcer who called the game for ABC yells- “Do you believe in miracles?”

YEAH - when an underdog wins in sports – it’s awesome….

• Seabiscuit beating War Admiral

• The Amazing Mets winning the World Series over the Orioles in 69

• Joe Namath and the Jets defeating the Colts in Super bowl 3

• Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson

• Muhammed Ali over George Foreman

(one of the exciting things about College basketballs March Madness are the upsets. Trying to figure out who will be the Cinderella Team that will make it to the sweet 16 and beyond)

AND LISTEN – it’s just not in sports that we root for the underdog… I MEAN – we all rooted for that spunky little fin fish named Nemo… As he makes that daring escape from the fish tank and later rescues a huge net full of fish… AND – who couldn’t help from Cheering when Rocky Balboa beats Apollo Creed (yo Andrean); when they Karate Kid assumed the crane position and kicks the smirks off those pretty blond boys… when the mighty Titans win the championship, when Rudy runs out onto the field at Norte Dame…and when Pete not Tad Hamilton wins the heart of Rosalee…

Underdogs & upsets… ARE BOTH – powerful & inspiring.

AND THIS MORNING – we are going to talk about what is not only the most well know story in the bible… BUT – what has become the classic, the granddaddy of all upsets.

IN FACT – this 3000 year old (one on one) contest is still used to summarize great upsets today… I MEAN - the mere mention of these 2 opponents that faced off in 2 Samuel 17, lets everyone know without a doubt that an undergo has just won a huge upset…

For example - after game one of the years NBA Finals a few years back… The USA Today had the following article…

UNDERDOG 1, GOLIATH 0: The Pistons remind us why everyone loves and underdog

The team that wasn’t supposed to win won Sunday night. This is what America is all about, right? The triumph of the underdog. Already, some fans are dreaming of a scenario that would make the Detroit Pistons seem like Norma Rae, Seabiscuit and that slingshot-wielding dude, David, rolled into one.

My message today is called, “How To Slay Your Giants…”


There are giants in the land… Got any?

NOW – I’m not talking about huge people… BUT RATHER – I’m talking about HUGE: problems, issues, hang ups, hurts, habits and obstacles that stand in the valley and taunt us… intimidate us… frighten us.

QUESTION – what is a giant? A giant is something that stands in your way, it’s something that keeps you from living the life that God has called you to live… A GIANT – is something that keeps you from living a life that is: abundant and full…radical and satisfying.

Maybe your giant is a relationship issue (something in your marriage, your family or with a friend). Maybe your giant is an addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, sex) something that has a death grip on you and is sucking out all that is good.

Maybe your the giant has to do with some problem you’re dealing with, A PROBLEM - with your kids, your parents, your health, the health of a loved one… and you’re not sure how you are going to get through it. Maybe your giant has to do with money, finances and the lack there of. Maybe your giant is fear, loneliness, self doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence or belief in yourself…

OR - maybe your giant is something that you know you need to do… a conversation that you need to have, a person you need to talk to, something you feel you need to do for God… BUT – there is this big uglygiant in the way telling you that you, “can’t do that” – and that you, “will never be that…” or “go there”

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