Summary: How we work on the job reflects how we work for Christ. How can we keep from getting burned out not only in the ministry but also in the workplace?

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Surviving the Workplace

John 11:1-5

Have you ever just got tired of work and you were just ready to quit?

· Tired of the hours

· Tired of the boss

· Tired of the workload

· Tired of the 8-5 then the additional work at home

· Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired

Then the church starts asking for additional workdays.

· Where do I draw the line?

· Where do I find the stopping point?

· Where do I get the energy to continue on?

Jesus gives us some great information throughout His Word on how to handle this exact kind of situations.

But just like everything else in God’s Word, you have to pattern your life exactly how He wants it to be.

No shortcuts

No replacements

It has to be just like He wants it to be.

Read John 11: 1-5

The Picture: (Background of Jesus getting in the boat)

Notice v. 5 – Simon speaking:

“We worked hard all night and caught nothing”

Have you ever worked the long hours, the hard labor, in difficult situations and had nothing to show for it?

That was the case with Simon.

But Simon gives us the answer we are looking for in this message.

The Question:

· How do I handle my workload?

· How do I put up with my never pleased boss?

· How do I make time to work for the church in addition to my other responsibilities?

· How do I have the energy to attend all the church services?

· How do I continue on when I am ready to give up?

Simon gives us the answer in verse 5.

· I have been fishing all night

· I am tired

· I am disgusted

· I am losing money

But: Because YOU (Christ) bid me to do so, I will

To survive your workplace you have to:

1. Make Jesus your reason for working.


· Because you asked me to put my nets in the water, I will.

· Because you encouraged me to try one more time, I will

· Because you asked me to do something for you, I will.

Result: Simon brought in a great quantity of fish!

Simon has just taught us the great answer to our many questions about our job.

Here it is: We have to make Jesus our reason for working

What are your reasons for working?

To pay the bills

To keep the wife happy

To put food on the table

To provide for my family

Do you think your job provided these things?

Philippians 4:19

“My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory”

· It’s not because you worked 40 hours this week.

· It’s not that you worked overtime for additional pay.

· It’s not that you got up early every morning to be on the job by 7am

You have what you need because of God’s blessings on your life.

Make Jesus your reason for working.

Make Jesus your reason for getting up every morning

Make Jesus your reason for living.

When you make HIM your reason, you will experience great quantity of blessings just like Simon did.

After I make Jesus my reason, what now?

2. Work Hard!

Exodus 20:8-11

This commandment is used to tell us to keep the Sabbath day holy. But notice the other comments that are made…

v.9 – Six days you shall labor…

God gives us a timetable of working. He says you have six days to get it done.

He also says, “…do all thy work”

Not part of it but ALL OF IT!

Two reasons why you should complete your work:

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