Summary: What is your mountain of impossibility? God has given us the steps to take what was once impossible.

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How to take your mountain

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

Genesis 14

• Mountains are often symbolic of impossible situations

• It means a lot of things to a lot of people: marriage, children, ministry, promotion, success in your job, getting your cell group started, winning a family or friend to the Lord

• What is your impossible situation? How do you go about taking your mountain?

• Today I am going to give you 7 things you need to do in order to take your mountain. If you follow these 7 action principles, you will be able to take your mountain of impossibility.

1. Expect a breakthrough (v.6 -8)

a. Do not yield to fear

i. Just like Christ requires from us faith to bring his Word to pass, so Satan requires fears to bring his words to past

1. he learned first hand how fear, shown in verse 8, melt the hearts of the people

a. “melt” – demorilize (v.8)

b. Don’t be demorilized by discouragers

b. Do you have the “Give me that mountain” attitude

2. Change the way you see yourself

a. Caleb had a questionable background

i. He was a descendant of Esau (Gen. 36), who were enemies of Israel

1. he did not come from a godly heritage

2. he did not determined his future based on his past

b. Caleb had a name which meant “dog”

i. Today some men call each other “dog”

1. even today it has a bad connation – player

ii. It O.T. it was considered an unclean animal (Deut. 23:18)

c. People who don’t conquer their mountains see themselves from a spirit of failure

i. They have a grasshopper complex

1. There are people that when you are around them that will make your heart melt with fear (v.8)

ii. Numbers 13 – Winners are not whinners and Whinners are never winners

1. puny thinking=puny believing=puny faith=puny lives

d. Some of you need to start seeing yourself as a leader – a person of influence

i. Caleb was a man of influence

ii. Start seeing yourself as a conduit of God’s power, presence and prosperity

3. Get a snapshot of your future

a. Caleb had a snapshot of his mountain

i. With him possessing it

ii. He went after the best

1. “Hebron” was the best real estate in the Land

2. Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and their wives were buried there

3. It means “fellowship”, a place where Abraham sacrifice and built the altar

b. What do you see?

i. I see a multitude of souls

ii. I see my family in the ministry

iii. I see My 12 and 144, 1728 leaders in this house

iv. I see a sanctuary fit for the multitudes

v. I see the presence of God moving supernaturally in this place

vi. I see God prospering and increasing you for his glory and purpose

vii. I see an anointing that heals the sick and delivers the captives

viii. I see families restored

ix. I see the glory falling upon this place

x. I see the devil running and Christ exalted

xi. I see you on fired for God

xii. I see promotion in and demotion out

xiii. I see my city in the hands of God

c. Do you see risk or do you see opportunity?

i. If you going to live, you might it well go for your God given dreams

d. When you loose your vision, you loose your power to conquer

4. Break out of the comfort zone (18:3)

a. Joshua 18:3

i. He could have become just like the majority of the tribes had done – nothing

ii. They had entered in, but had not possess

1. they had position, but no possessions

2. Some of you are living in a desert, but God has promised you a mountain –

a. It is time to Get out of your desert and move into your destiny

b. What was once upsetting can become comfortable

i. Tower of Pisa in Italy

1. the town leaders gathered together when they found out it was leaning too much

a. mandate – don’t let it topple over

b. but also, keep the tower from falling over, but don’t correct the tilt!

ii. Most people don’t want their problems solved, just understood

c. The goal of Satan is to get you to be satisfied with anything else outside of the will of God for your life

i. He will offer you anything that will have you settle for less than God’s best

1. Satan’s lie: “My way is easier”

5. Fight to the end (v.11)

a. Think about your last failure: “Did you stop trying because you failed or did you fail because you stopped trying?”

i. True faith has longevity – it last

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Dennis Sims

commented on Sep 9, 2016

I think that the text being referenced in the body of this message comes from Joshua 14, not Genesis 14.

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