Summary: How To Turn Around Your Church

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How To Turn Around Your Church 1

George Barna 1996

A. Interdiction

50-75 churches close their doors each week.

What kind of impact is our church we having on are Community?

B. The benefits of studying church decline

To see what has happen to other churches so that we can see the success and failure of other churches and learn what we should do differently.

C. Primary reasons for church decline

1. Weak leadership “ from the Pastor”

2. Low visibility/presence

“Few know where the church is.”

3. Resistance to change

“Not willing to do any thing differently”

4. Fatigue “Pastor -- People

Lack the passion and Purposes”

5. Community transition “ it not 20 years ago”

6. Listless youth ministry

7. Failure to regularly evaluate

“asking the hard Question”

D. Turnaround obstacles: the three (L,s)

1. Leadership

a. Incorrect diagnosis “what is the Problem?”

b. Failure to rally the troops

“Bring people together”

c. Excessive professionalism

d. Lack of effective strategy

e. Disorganization

2. Laity

a. Resistance to new ideas

b. Growth paralysis life Vs Control

c. The closed cloister

Looking inward not outward

d. Absence of complementary gifts

Not every one has to be like you

e. Spiritual complacency

3. Logistics

a. Inadequate facilities “overcrowding - Looks

b. Unappealing location where are you

E. Facilitating a comeback

1.Strong pastoral leadership

Loving and Leading

Equipping the People

Sharing a Vision

Learning to Make The right Decisions

To encourage the People

Trust the Pastor

Motivate the People “ in what way do you fill that God wants you to ministry? Get the People involved?

2. Intentional and strategic prayer

Prayer in the Church

Private Prayer

Friendly Prayer our friends

3. Intentional and strategic outreach activity

Evangelism must be the Priority

4. Intelligent and strategic budgeting

Know where the money goes Time energy

5. Reliance upon a core of zealots

People who are will to die for the Church

F. Identifying the right pastor

1. Age min30-min 40

2. Work habits Full time 60-80 hr.a weak

3. Personality Strong Leadership

4. Spiritual life self-starter

5. Leadership Equipper “Teem Builders”

6. Style

G. 12 lessons from the victorious

1. Get back to basics “Preaching the word”


2. Do a few things well “Cutting Back”

“Every one involved”

3. Acknowledge the past, focus on the future

4.Taste success

5.Pastoral refreshment Need time away

6. Start off with a bang

8. Major on training and assimilation

9. Be outward-looking

10. Downplay programs

Keep shall group

H. Closing questions

1.Can any declining church be turned around?

2. How can a healthy church avoid deterioration?

a. A healthy pastor

b. Proactive approach

c. Focus on preparing the laity for ministry

d. Promote the desire to grow

e. Keep the new blood flowing

f. Uncompromising biblical teaching

g. Balance of in reach and outreach

h. Pray fervently

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