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Reading: Acts chapter 2 verses 42-47.


• The Times Online newspaper (August 4, 2007)

• Walking to the shops ‘damages the planet more than going by car’

• Food production is now so energy-intensive

• That more carbon is emitted providing a person with enough calories to walk to the shops

• Than a car would emit over the same distance.

• The climate could benefit if people avoided exercise,

• Ate less and became couch potatoes.

The sums were done by Chris Goodall,

• Campaigning author of How to Live a Low-Carbon Life,

• Based on the greenhouse gases created by intensive beef production.

• “Driving a typical UK car for 3 miles [4.8km]

• Adds about 0.9 kg [2lb] of CO2 to the atmosphere,”

• He said, a calculation based on the Government’s official fuel emission figures.

• “If you walked instead, it would use about 180 calories.

• You’d need about 100g of beef to replace those calories,

• Resulting in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving.

• Campaigner Chris Goodall might believe;

• Walking might damage the planet, but walking is an illustration often used in the Bible.

Note: A walk is a good picture to compare the Christian life to:

(1). It demands life.

• Dead people cannot walk.

• It is an activity of the living.

• We talk in terms of ‘good and bad people’,

• The Bible talks in terms of people being ‘dead and alive’.

• The Bible makes it very clear that you are either spiritually dead in your sins,

• Or you are spiritually alive in Jesus Christ!

(2). It requires growth.


• Our kids (Elle on Wednesday) grew from sitting to wobbling, to crawling to walking.

• Walking is a sign that a baby is physically growing.

• As Christians we ought to be spiritually growing in our faith,

• We should be growing UP in our faith and not just growing OLD!

• Not the number of years you’ve been a Christian that’s important,

• But are you maturing in your faith, growing more like Jesus?

(3). It requires freedom.

• Ill: remember as kids doing the three legged-race;

• It normally ended up with you and your partner falling over.

• It is a reminder that someone who is tied up and bound cannot walk.

• Walking requires freedom.

As Christians we can tie ourselves up with all sorts of things.

• Some Christians are bound by sinful habits and a sinful lifestyles.

• Ill: Play with fire and you get your fingers burnt.

• Some Christians are involved in things that may not be wrong or even sinful,

• But they may still prevent us progressing in the Christian life.

• Quote: “Often the good is the enemy of the best”.

(4). It demands light.

• No-one walks (ill: goes for a hike) in the dark,

• Darkness limits your vision and could cause you to encounter danger.

• As Christians we are told to “walk in the light”

• Otherwise we too will stumble!

(5). It cannot be hidden.


• Tele-Tubbies, because of the rain Dipsy decided to walking around the house.

• Normal people walk out and about where they will encounter people and things.

• Jesus called us; “The light of the world”, not “The light of the church”.

• We have to live out our faith in the world in which we live.

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